Friday, February 27, 2004

I shud sleep peacefully!

Wee! Was due to hand in my group report before 530pm today. It was only the second lab and we needa churn out the whole software process report! Yucks! Hate all that writing, cutting, pasting and re-formatting. Cant understand why the lecturers have to torture us this way. Cant they just leave us some memorable memories of NTU before we leave. kekeke..
The whole report turned out to be over 70 pages (Wah! amazing for just lab 2). As I went to hand it in, another guy from the other group came too. You should have seen his SHOCKED faced at our report. His is barely a 1/4 of ours! ahahha was so amused by his reaction when he compared the thickness and handed in reluctantly.
No. I'm not gloating about his report being so thin, its just the expression that tickled me. Who knows if his group had more quality compared to ours. Nevertheless, he kinda made my day. At least it keep me amused for a while.
Mind's abit in a daze mode now. Slept early this morning to wake up early this morning again. haahhaha...I'm losing my beauty sleep recently neh. No wonder pimples are proliferating on my face.. Anyway, my consolation is that I must be still young enough to have qing chun tou. hohoho...
Making a point to sleep earlier than usual today. Need to rejuvenate myself after all that "busying" and rushing about in school. Nitez and Sweet dreams to me.....


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