Thursday, February 26, 2004

The Long Road.....

Decided to walk home from yishun station. Not a long journey really, just a 5 mins walk normally. I took 10.
Didnt know why I chose to re-route from my normal bus route, somehow I just felt like walking....
The way home was a long straight path flanked by trees. The air was humid and cars rushed past, lifting up swirls of dust in my face. I felt surprising calm and ignorant of the dusty air. I was alone, lost in my own world...
I enjoyed the slow walk. There were no obstacles in my way, just that straight road ahead... I walked slowly but steadily, only to stop at a traffic junction. Didnt know how long I stood there, but the red man seemed to stay there for ages, when the green man finally took over.
I was halfway home when I passed by the big field. I looked up at the canopy above me hoping that it'll rain leaves on me. There was not even a trickle to be seen. Without a trace of dissapointment, I continued my walk.
A big tree stood in the middle of the field. I seem to be like it, away from the crowd and alone. I somehow enjoyed this loneliness.
My mind was a blank. I felt peace and contentment.
It was until I crossed the second junction near to my neighbourhood that I started to retract from my isolation state and snapped back into reality. Started to feel the ache in my feet (I was wearing my new slippers) and back (Hahahaa I didnt exercise for a long while already). I was happy and light-hearted nevertheless.
I smiled at familiar faces as I went on, till my feet took me to my door step. The smell of home was ever so welcoming..
I shud take more walks home next time. That long road to home is beaconing me to set foot on it again. Wish to re-visit my world again.. =) Hm.. Wonder how I would feel to walk down that path on a rainy day? Perhaps I better prepare an umbrella for my next journey. =P


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