Monday, February 23, 2004


Check out this link
Nice music, pictures and quotes to start off a not very interesting sunday.. kekeke its already noon time though.
A close friend intro me to this site. I fell in love with it straight. Kinda nice to view the presentation when u feel bored or lost.. Well, I'm viewing it now as I write. Feel like jumping into those beautiful scenes neh..!!
Some of my favourite quotes from this site:
"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."- Mark Twain
"Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light."- Helen Keller
"Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark."- George Iles
"We must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but it is a means by which we arrive at that goal. We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means."- Martin Luther King, Jr.
and lastly this one:"I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love."- Mother Teresa
*humming....* My sunday seems brighter already... =)


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