Saturday, June 05, 2004

The day I got my Hons....

This day finally came. I awoke with anticipation early in the morn. Despite my fitful sleep last nite, I'm fully sane and excited about the upcoming results. Without even washing up, I headed for the pc expecting the results to be posted. Nah! I was disappointed. Its still in hiding.....

I wonder wat's wrong since our results normally come out a day in advance. I was already disappointed the whole of yesterday. ahahahaha

Well, the results finally showed itself in the later half of the day after much speculations and msn msging.
Was alittle surprised by my final year project result. I've actually got an A??? Wow how unexpected and surprising.
And the fact that I've got second uppers hons. Wee... Life cannot be any better!

I've expected myself to get second lower so this was a pleasant surprise for me. My 4th year results were quite good. No Cs or Ds, just As and Bs. I've done well for my law paper and my software testing module. They were more or less expected. Got Bs for Imaging and Mobile communications. Interesting subs but i failed to score on them. Guess that's the dilema in wanting to score well or studying something you are interested in for many of us.

Anyway, I'm glad to have done well and this calls for a celebration of cuz! Tata

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