Monday, July 26, 2004

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Cambodia..! Here we come!

My Adventure Begins....

During the Jun holiday period, I left for Cambodia for almost a month. I was there to do some voluntary work at a little village called Prey Klar.

Day 1: 15/06/2004

Eveything started off smoothly. Though there were glitches here and there, everyone's mood were rather high and filled with anticipation at Changi Airport. The flight to Phnom Penh (Capital of Cambodia) took only 2 hours.

At Phnom Penh International Airport, everything was a hustle. The custom queues were short but the wait so damn long. Everything seem to just slow down significantly. By then, I couldnt wait to go to the hotel!
Asia Hotel was our destination for the night. After going through the gates, we expected a big bus to be shuttling us to the hotel. Was a little surprise to see 3 small tiny vans waiting. Had a hard time trying to get everyone's backpack into a single van. We had so much luggage. So much that the van was over packed and some of the cargos had to be placed on top of the van. Was quite a funny sight actually.
When we finally arrived at the hotel, it was way pass our schedule. One good thing was the hotel wasnt as bad as expected as there was at least hot water. Phew!
Slept with Elizabeth and Regina that night.
Toul Sleng Museum

Lei, Me and Fang
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This is a shot of me, Qinglei and Huifang just outside Toul Sleng museum, Cambodia's most famous museum.
Quite a sad place actually. We see pictures of people being tortured and the terrible conditions they were subjected to, cant help but feel sad and heavy.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

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I am but a jobless soul...

Hahaha my title looks alittle disillusioned, but hell no..! I'm kinda enjoying life now that I'm free and able to slack around.

Well, I did try to put in some effort in looking for a job but guess the sense of urgency is still not there. Was hoping wolf would give me an answer today on whether the job offer can be finalised.

Great his door was shut, an indication that he's away. Well 劉貝(liu2 bei4) had to knock on zhui1 ge3 liang4's door 3 times. I hope I dun have to 步 his 後塵 (bu4 hou4 chen2) hahahaha.

Well went to san ba with meehae instead. Talked mostly on my Cambodia trip and her new collection of jeans.

Wanted to find Sourav to chit chat, but the poor man was so busy to meet his cute student. hahaha Will try to catch him the next time I fly down to NTU.

I ended up in Sub Dean's office after seeing his clock face on the door indicating that he's in. It reminds me of Harry Potter's Ron's family clock.
He was entertaining someone else when I entered. Had to excused myself and station outside.

It wasnt a long wait till i get to see him. He was very fast in knowing my motive there. hahaha He said "無事不登三寶殿 (wu2 shi4 bu4 deng1 san1 bao3 dian4), na" and passed me the vcd of NTU's 20th anniversary concert. Hehehe so smart! Well, I stayed in his office for a while and san ba. Told me to address him by KC, (something that we called him by when we were working on the 20th anniversary concert). I did went into a little dilema that time cos I dunno whether to address him Prof Yow or KC. hahaha Now that he said it himself, I'm not going to 客氣 (ke4 qi4).

I told him if I 無事 also 登三寶殿 then he'll get headache cos I'll be looking for him to chat everytime till he gets sick of me. hahaha

Poor sub dean... He has to face pple's complaints as well as pple kneeling outside his door. That poor guy who knelt flung too many subjects and was fated to be footed out of SCE came to find KC for help. Guess KC was also in a dilema man...! lolz

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