Thursday, December 29, 2005

Seeing is believing.. Pain
Try yourself:


You're green, the color of growth and vigor. Good-hearted and giving, you have a knack for finding and bringing out the best in people. Green is the most down-to-earth color in the spectrum — reliable and trustworthy. People know they can count on you to be around in times of need, since your concern for people is genuine and sincere. You take pride in being a good friend. For you, success is measured in terms of personal achievement and growth, not by status or position. Rare as emeralds, greens are wonderful, natural people. It truly is your color!

Not accurate at all lol.
Havent really finish how 倒霉 I am la.
Apart from kenna duah, my bag's straps are coming off soonz and my white handphone is no longer WHITE!!! Got handphone bleaching agents available not?? 心痛啊... Now I have to take over colleague's work too cos he's leaving soon. Whahahahaha 哭笑不得....

是你给阮一个梦 未记人生的苦涩

真正想要对你讲 甘搁有别项

是你放阮一个人 走过风雨的思念

真正想要对你讲 心中无别人

LOL have to belt mayday to feel better. Oh and one more thing. I kept belting this chorus in the bus even while off mp3 player. Muahahahaha.. Hope that guy really got irritated.
词/曲: Unknown





Wednesday, December 28, 2005

今天真是"爽"! Cant be any better liao. Woo hoo! 总是祸不单行.
还以为今天自己很乖. 老早就抵达 tinybox (上课时间是7PM, 但我6PM 就到了). 怎知道原来今天的课被取消了... 枉费我白跑一趟, 当然觉得纳闷. I tot I could almost blow my top... Was simply sianz.

那些幸灾乐祸的人 already got it from me! lol...

差 一点就跑去看电影. 人潮实在太多了, 戏的时间表也太晚了. 最终真的还是打消了念头, 要不然晚餐也应该会在戏院里解决 (popcorns? coke? nachos?). lol 幸好一碗 yummy wonton mee 救了我. 很饿 leh. 差点把闷气乱发泄的话, 我身旁的人应该很难招架 (I exagerated lol...).

又很久没有喝咖啡了. 今天也破戒 Hahahah.. Dun care! Happy dio ho
回家前买了巧克立. 棒及了!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Left for Genting on the Eve of Xmas. Got caught in a jam along the way lor... Every Tuas causeway was packed like hell... Vehicles were trying to squeeze into the road shoulders too causing some of the cladding walls to come off... Wah piangz.. Cladding expensive hor!

Bro took nice picts of fiona.. That cutie pie...

She was very perky throughout the journey.

Cos of the jam, we were really far behind time. Thank god checking in was a smooth process. Sis gave us the 哭笑不得 look.

Wasn't really that cold up there. Just the first day and we didnt have much to do. So we simply took picts and more picts.

What's xmas eve without some celebration right. Sis and my initially intention was to bring lotsa party stuff to Genting but we were too lazy to lug them cos they were too heavy la... So in the end we had to comb Genting shops to get as much as we could.. ermm... much to our disappointment.

Anyway, we got ourselves some really cutie hairbands that really looks out of place on us.. But like we care!!! We aint in Singapore so NEVERMIND.. hahaha We can act cute as much as we like. Almost got to the point of becoming 自恋. See pict to verify.... lol

Twist poses

Think I'm getting abit 无聊.. Waiting for those guys to return to the room. The kids were getting increasingly restless.. Those gor gor la!! We were all starting to give 鬼脸s.

This pict looks like Fiona praying hard for the gor gors to hurry up. K.. thats another of my 鬼脸.

See them taking their own sweet time....

Can even take picts!

Ah ma also bored liao hahaha..

Indian poker and our forfeit list. First time hearing our Mr kai sing us white xmas wor! lol. Good one cousin!

Gifts exchange time. The little ones seem impatient with the photo taking lol.. They want their gifts soon...

Tada! Unwrapped!

Finally a group shot. Apart from ah ma.. I'm the oldest liao!!! *humpf.. Why cant I have an elder bro or sis at all ah.

Xmas day itself was boring... lol. Like there wasn't anymore xmas mood suddenly. Me and sis were trying to think of things to do. No more theme park for us!!! Every year the same routined rides not sian 才怪. So all we did was to keep shopping! Not like there were alot of shops la... So wu liao were us that we even took pictures in the dressing room! Sis says her friends do that everytime.. lol Is that a trend now? I'm getting too backdated.

Sis's friends say we look almost identical. Sure not? Maybe cos I face her everyday so I cant really tell wor. Took a shot to try verify. U say leh?

Skirts we tried. Din buy the one I was wearing la. Wore for my sis to take picts hahahaha.. We were really taking our sweet time inside. hahahaha...

See my nice hairdo. I DIY de k. Can consider employing my services k. lol

At the end of our shopping conquest, we actually splurge quite alot la.. Better not reveal how much.. Not that we bought alot but the stuff were seriously pretty expensive.
The last day was the worst. We were already spent trying to think of things to do.

  1. ktv - Super ex!!! RM65 per head siao la! Never go
  2. ktv box - 1RM per song.. Never go
  3. Movie - Most movies either full house or time slot over liao...
  4. More shopping?? - No more shops liao
  5. Arcade - Nothing new
I was so bored to even try the casino in the end lor... Lose money.

The journey home was quite sian initially. This couple behind us were really inconsiderate. Considering that the waiting time was killing us liao. That stupid old guy selfishly tried to pull sis's curtain to his side which made the sunlight go into our eyes. Buay tahan! Want to 以大欺小 issit?? We almost went into a tug of war! Not to mention that they took the entire baggage space when we are supposed to share lor! Selfish people! But we are civilised people la so we never 计较....


I decided that I shall have my great revenge. Purposely belt Mayday very loudly and disturb their sleep when evening came! LOL... I'm evil... hiak hiak hiak.. My cousins were really funny too. Helped to create lotsa noise pollution. Merry Merry Merry. Think that old guy diao me. BLEH...

Jam again on the way back.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Heading home soon lor~! Till then!
Feeling real tired now... Didnt even sleep properly. I miss home!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Yeah! 有 Holiday!

看了大长今的后遗症... LOL
Trying to pia finish 大长今 before we leave later neh.
Sianz.. so 拖拖拉拉. Have been fast forwarding through so much yet still taking so long.
But I'm so kan chiong at the same time! Bag's packed halfway yet I still cant take eyes off. I'm watching as I am blogging too. lol. Talk about multi-tasking.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Xmas!!
Wouldn't be able to celebrate with you pple neh so must say in advance first wor!
Okie. I dunno who the hell this 李吉汉 is but this song he sang is nice la. Had a tough time finding the lyrics (cos I stupidly keep finding from baidu only). I hope its not wrong either. I admit I'm rather not very resourceful. lol.












昼夜乱了和谐 潮泛任性涨退


离人挥霍着眼泪 回避迫在眼前的离别


Song's 离人 if I'm not mistaken. Correct me if I'm wrong. I know it's a very old song la but very nice wor.. Lyrics power plus 林志炫 sang it well..!
The sentence "惹惆怅" "挥霍着眼泪" 形容得很漂亮. Mandarin still too green to write such power stuff myself. lol
Listening to the live version. Got alot of feel neh.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dad's retrenchment's coming soon ba. He seems pretty optimistic about it or perhaps he's putting on a strong front like he always do. It has never been a habit in our family to express gratitude or watever like any typical singaporean family. Not really in our culture to do so anyway. I must say I have deep respect for my parents. When we were younger, we did have our poorer days but they never let us feel deprived or know how tough life is for them while they continue to try to give us the best.

So I kinda wonder if dad's emotional status for now though he appears okay. Actually I felt very 感动 that day when he came to me and had a heart to heart talk cos I was feeling frustrated and down. Being a very typical capricorn man, dad is seldom someone who will sit down and understand his children directly by conversing. He seldom express his love for us very straightforward but rather in his own subtle ways. I rained partly due to the 感动. Dad says he's always changing to be a better person. Though he used to be uninterested in humanmetrics, but he's now striving and learning more on communication. That's why he's starting to open up to us I guess.
Just finished my supposedly "Dinner".
Lao shi can really talk la. For the whole 4hrs, he simply talked non stop. We dun even have a chance to drink water wat more eat lor. Not complaining cos it serves me right for bad time management la. I should have eaten something before heading for class. But as usual, I was rushing for time so end up with a noisy tummy.

Class was okay I shud say but towards the end all of us were starting to feel the strain in having to sit in the same position for hours. Part and parcel of endurance training I guess. Perhaps can start to learn how to sleep with my eyes open liao.

Listening to lao shi tell us about his one on one training with kelly kinda freak me abit. Already wondering if this is what I really want to undergo. Afterall, my value system seemingly changed. I start to place higher importance to spending more time with my family and personal time to do what I truly enjoy.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kids nowadays are really 人小鬼大.
Was watching a chinese variety show just now and I'm truly amaze by what they say these days lor...
Some excerpts taken from their conversation.

Kim was trying to suggest to 2 little gals barely in their primary years to ask if the zoo assistant could send them somewhere by tram.
Kim: 你问阿姨能不能载你们去
Gals: My whole life I never 求人
Kim: .........

Kim: 你们 try wave 看他们会 stop ma la. (starts waving at on coming train)
Both gals starts waving along but the tram continues.
Gals: 你是明星他都不 stop, then me leh
Kim: ..........
My cbox is slowing down my blog! Anyone having that prob..???
Cai's ill...
Very worrying leh... He puked quite a bit.
Normally it wouldn't cause much panic but today he's super listless and not hyper like usual.
Even his treats dun tempt him at all. Refused to drink water the entire day too.
Will accompany him tonight and see how it goes. Vet says he's got upset tummy but seeing him so sian like dat very xin tong.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

16th Dec
Our Mr Sourav says he wanted to meet us for dinner. Miss us say miss us k. lol.
We met him at lemongrass at heeren.
He complain that I never treated him since the day I start working lor.. Eeks.. True la.! Bleh.
So I treated dinner. EX Leh!!!

There's still alot of food to go but my tummy was hurting so much that I couldn't enjoy much.

What the heck is this pose la! Hard to smile properly lor. Sourav must have felt threatened that we look much better than him.
Wen came to join us later. Din take anymore picts lor.. Coincedentally, she's also in pink lor! lol.. How 心灵相通.
Both little ones were at gram's house yesterday when I went. Little Ting was jealous that her mama tied Min's hair. So I was roped in to help her with hers.

My proud creation with 2 little tiny buns sitting at the bottom. LOL So cina..

Close up a the top

Outing again.
Destination: Northpoint to get xmas gifts (no wonder they are smiling)

Was celebrating Joseph's birthday later that day. Me, Cheryl and Sophia treated him to bday treat at swensens.

So paiseh to have pict taken. Cos he's too "pretty"! Big eyes, long lashes, deep dimples.... I want!!! And check out the tshirt he's wearing. That was his last year's birthday gift. Only wore it the 2nd time lor... Diaoz...

We were all so darn hungry lor.. Though her food came first, Cheryl was trying to resist that plate of breaded chicken infront of her.
Yeah..! Itadakimasu!

These are our expression after having our fill. 吃包精神爽!

Sit beside 师姐 very jialat. Can see from joe's expression.

Free firehouse with compliments from Swensens. Every birthday people sure gets it! They even sing you birthday song.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I sometimes dun understand why doing some little things can garner extreme reaction.
My day was happy de lor... haiz.. 家家有本难念的经.

It took dad just one question and concern to make me rain... Felt quite bad to make him worry so suddenly. He has been following my blog and things happened in the evening to spur him to start the ball rolling.

Though still feels sian, I'm still okay de la.
Thank you dad. =)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Looking after 2 kids and a dog can be a tiring chore. It's my off day today so went with mom and cai to aunt's house. Little Min was there too along with cousin Fiona. Really sayang these 2 gals la. Maybe cos I have very little female cousins. My family is 男丁兴旺.

We headed with the adults (of cos including me as adult la) to IMM first. So poor cai has to endure staying in his doggie bag while I have to endure carrying this 5kg little imp all around. Back breaking!

I thought I would finally get some rest when we reach aunt's house. Who knows, her maid is super afraid of cai. I cant fall asleep in peace cos I had to constantly keep an eye on him not to disturb her. He seems to really enjoy bullying her lah. Kept on barking and running to her. End up I had to enclose myself and him in the room while i took a short nap.

Decided to take the kids and cai down to the playground to play in the afternoon. While the gals (age 4 and 8) played with the slides, I played catch with cai to exercise him abit. Make him tired so that I can have a peaceful night today. At the same time, I have to keep constant look out for the gals. Cannot let them have mishaps under my care right. Still wanna bring them out next time de, so dare not venture far. But being me hor, I simply cannot fang xin in the end. Cai have to sacrifice and stop play while I took him to sit with me to watch the gals try climbing ropes.

Fiona suddenly drew herself away from the playground and sat next to me in silence. I asked her what happened but she just shook her head. Got me a little confused cos I tot she was enjoying herself. Sometimes it's really hard to get answers from these 4 year olds cos they are like playing mind games with you. Saw her envious look at her other cousin Min who was climbing everywhere like a monkey.

Me: You scared to climb that web?
Fiona: ...... (nods her head shyly)
Me: I tot Fiona very brave de?
Fiona: ...... (shy smile)
Me: You want to try anot?
Fiona: I scared
Me: You see min min jie jie enjoying herself, you try too la. Nothing to be afraid off de.
Fiona: Dun want la (though she was still looking enviously)
Me: Okay jie jie and cai cai accompanyyou there and help you k.
Fiona: ......... (looks at me yearningly)
Me: Come la. Fiona not scared of cai cai le. So brave of you. This one you can one hor..

Fiona gave me a very bright smile so I took it as an indication of okay. Till the point where she daren't go any more, I just had to encourage her to try just one more step and praise her whenever she manages. She will then run to me and give me a high five with a very satisfied smile each time. With that many just one more step, she managed toclimbed a whole lot of distance. Once again, just to illustrate that everyone thrives with encouragement and praises. lol.

你快乐吗? Someone just asked me..
Hm.. 快乐是什么?还不只是一个字眼吗.快乐还不是这样,不快乐日子还不是得照过.快快乐乐,可口可乐!我说我会很快乐.同时间,我又想着,真的会吗?
Due to the sensitivity of the topic and 当事人 asking me not to mention hor, I really would have like to blog it down. So... hahahha I've dropped the carrot but sorry! No one gets to eat it! HOHOHO... I feel evil.
Suddenly feel like eating BBQ! Stuff myself plenty with food. Slurpz!
I don't know why I get hungry easily these days. Perhaps I'm just greedy la, but I get cravings in the wee hours of the morning! It doesn't help when people you were msn-ing keep introducing good food lor.
My want to eat food list (no preference in order):
  1. Chilli/Pepper Crab
  2. Salted Egg Crab (Haven tried before)
  3. BBQ (So desperate that Seoul Garden also can)
  4. Tissue Prata
  5. Laksa
  6. Korean Ginseng Chicken
  7. Korean Cuisine (Haven been to one in Sg)
  8. Bah Chor Mee (Bedok de)
  9. Bak Kut Teh (Eunos de)
  10. Herbal Chicken
  11. Tim Sum
  12. Chilli Sotong
  13. Lala
  14. Fried Oyster
  15. Yong Tau Fu
  16. ShiLin's Oyster Mee Suan
  17. 炸鸡扒
  18. 麻辣火锅
  19. Chilli Stingray
Aiyo!!! I cannot tahan liao.. Can I indulge???
Hm... I'm not very ambitious afterall.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dun belittle me leh....
Why do financial, insurance and mlm agents think that I'm a good target?
Just cos of my friendly disposure?? Please lah.. Heard of 敷衍 and 笑里藏刀? I do that. LOL
Not that I enjoy talking to them totally but I do oblige sometimes when I have ample time at hand or while waiting for people.

Met someone from this financial company (Not nice to mention the company here). She made such silly mistakes and gave herself away, though I pretend to not know and agree with her.

First mistake: She was delusive when I asked where she was from. Gave me a short abbreviated company name which obviously tells you that she doesnt want to totally reveal that she's from some financial agencies. One can always check up the internet in the end wat.

Second mistake: She introduced herself as a trainee and wishes to speak to me on the pretext of trying to practise her speech which I was doubtful. If you wanna practise, its totally fine with me but when you go on to talk about how your company works and how it could aid you financially, it becomes a sales speech. Why go to that extend of trying so hard. Just be straight and say that you are a financial consultant. Hahahaha In fact no one will do that hor! Cos you get rejections fast and direct! Ouch! But then hor.. You dun have to keep wasting your time ma. The faster you kenna reject the faster you get to target your next piece of meat ma!

Cold prospecting is a number game la. Like this famous speaker (forget name) says, out of 10 people you prospect, getting 3 to be interested is considered a very good stat liao. So the more you get rejected, the higher chances for the next few ma. LOL I know I'm giving some crap logic here. Anyway, I had my fair share of fun at cold prospecting when me and the gals tried doing street surveys. I remembered approaching this group of 3 men. Before I could even start asking, they simply waved me off. Diaoz.. hahaha Many will be sian la, but I happily shrugged my shoulders and laugh. Think those 3 must have found me strange cos they never see people kena reject so happy de. So in the end, they actually did my survey. They asked why I was so gleeful, so I told them the numerology theory. Actually if you look at it positively, kena rejected by 3 at one time fasten the pace of getting the right one right! hahahah Another crappy theory.

Anyway, fun I have liao. Dun think I would wanna do that again. In a way, I can emphatise with these people la since I had experienced in what they do though I was doing it out of fun. =P
不要问我为什么, 对你从来不曾要求
在我眼里你的温柔, 值得我一辈子守候
这场雨会下多久, 天晴之后开始漂流
天涯路有没有尽头, 这一走也许天长地久

我以决定要走的路, 这条路能不能带走我重重的忧伤
未来路有多么长, 唯一放不下的是你那一双挽留的目光

决定不是一刹那冲动, 只怕梦醒终究一场空
也许有一天你会明白, 被爱原来是一种幸福
决定不是一刹那冲动, 爱你需要太多的勇气
红辰里有我的痴心, 一生一世藏在心底
作词:瑀童 童珊作曲:云心
演唱:ai mini扬扬 chi jan

看你e mail给我的图画

i don't want to become this way
但爱太多太难 day by day
i don't want to become this way
又要搞怪了. 又是我一人在公司.


I love you 无望

Aiyo.. So many.. =P

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cai knows how to resort to bribery.

That day after Mayday's concert, I returned home really late.
This little rascal wagged so hard till his entire body was shaking while biting hard at his toy to prevent himself from barking. Unlike BM's cats (Thank goodness he doesnt flip over my tv), this cai tried to bribe me with his garlic bread. For the first time I see this greedy little monster give up his favourite treat for me. Very touched by his gesture lor... Guess he's trying to tell me that he can give me his food if only I come home. lol.. Though I decline it, he continue to place his bread on my lap. Even while asleep, he purposely placed it beside me on my bed. Aiyo.. So cute....
Ever seen the sun rays penetrating the clouds. I did today!
Chanced upon it while walking to northpoint to get a breather. Beautiful neh!
Tried to capture the beautiful work of nature on my handphone but the quality was super lousy la..
I suppose shopping therapy always works very well for tuning your mood. Felt so good buying loads of stuff.. Guilty spenditure though..
Lets see what I got:
  1. Pair of heels - All my white ones are gonners. I'm left with all the black ones only
  2. White top - Abit too common, but white's the best colour to match
  3. Basic necessities
  4. Rubber bands - Time to tie up my rebonded hair! Haven't been doing so cos was afraid to curl them
  5. Handphone Pouch
  6. Hand Pouch
  7. Potato Chips
  8. Chocolates - LOL these are still on wait list...
Very sian this morn la... Was trying hard not to let anger get the better of me.
Wise choice lor... If not, I think I would have let go alot of steam and perhaps resulted in some cold war.
It was totally unreasonable in my opinion to be ranted for things that are beyond my control ma.
If you want things your way, say nicely and not start acting like some mad person. That's why I had the urge to scream back. Was trying to curb back giving my side of the coin cos I knew it will fall upon deaf ears. No point trying to get the other person to understand esp with the generation gap. What to do? 忍 lor. My sunny morning turned grey and sian.

亲人没有搁夜仇的. Everything turned out okay in the end towards the afternoon. Haiz.. PMS really isn't good. Will I become like dat?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Some excerpts taken from Chin Yee's photo album.
See our team with little Ni learning to strike our group pose!

From left: Yaohui, Hailiang, Chin Yee, Anselm, Me, Yida, Siang Leng, Henry, Chao Yong, Teck Neng(bowing slightly) and of cos little Ni.

2 aunties giving out gifts in classroom.

Not for the faint heart person. Totally gross... How can we eat this???

Ha..! Found him in Chin Yee's archives. This little boy is the first kiddo to slip his his hands into mine when the rest were too shy. I didn't know his name cos he didnt speak at all.

Master cook Mr Mak Yao Hui! Its back to the basics time!

At the steps of the famous Angkor Wat.. Wonder why they are made that way. Too steep for each step that we have to become spidermen or spiderwomen.


This is a nice nice song neh.






Back to work. After such a long break, I really have to re-adjust again.
This email caught my eye. I do not know how the hell this person's enquiry for NTU's admission program got wind up at my mailbox, but since it did, I decide I shall be a good samaritarian for the day and email her back to revert her to hopefully the correct person. But strangely the email addy receipient that states in her mail is not my office mail addy leh.. How the hell I get it in the first place??

Yah I know I'm a computer engineering, by far a stupid one la. I really cant make out lor. Someone be nice and explain to me can.
Since when am I ARoy or Andi ah.. Could this be some spam mail leh.. Ah. Wu liao.

Oh and one more thing.... I FORGOT to bring my jacket again!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mayday Mayday Mayday! They BANG hor!!! Faintz..
Sound system CMI
Distance CMI
Though we were sitting far far far behind, I was totally trilled and exhilarated lor! Dunno if I showed too much outwardly though. Simply cant stop moving and singing along with the music unlike people beside me! LOL

Because of Mayday, I had to let go of my audition today. Voice totally cmi plus I started to feel unwell. But its totally WORTH IT!!!!! I'm still reliving the act of yesterday! lol...
Really happy neh. There were parts where their songs still manage to tug heart strings, but couldn't cry infront of so many right. Later they scold me siao. hahahah.. But they should have sang 麦来乱, 好不好, 岳翰兰依, 让我照顾你 etc..

Cos of mayday hor, suddenly little things people do will make you happy sia. LOL I just can laugh at the smallest things lor. No wonder I was feverish!

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
Kaoz.. cannot remember the title.. The Alchemist? The Aclemist? The Achemist?
Watever lah. But this was the title of the book I wanted to blog the other time. Before I could finish it, bro took it back to return. EEKZ.... Will find time to get it!

Friday, December 09, 2005

A very long day...
Ashamed I was on my way home that I did nothing to render help to a blind person. Call it Paiseh or pride, I was actually AFRAID to help... At that instance, I was thinking so much of the what ifs. Wat if he wanted to go somewhere too far.. Wat if he thinks that I'm too busy a body. Haiz.. all in all, I just hesitate too much and by then I decide that I should help, he has already gone far, leaving me ashamed of myself. To think that I have previously berate this photographer for not helping a dying child. I'm no where better...

Anyway, I was out with cherrie today for audition at tinybox. I should feel at home since I always take lessons there, but I cant help but trembled as I stepped into the studio. Somehow the word COMPETITION scares the hell out of me. Before going in, I was making a fool of myself jumping up and down infront of this bewildered person-in-charged. Then they had to choose my turn to take a break. Fang Fang lao shi was the judge today.. Siao liao... She's very stringent de lor. And Ernest (person doing the recording) made me even nervous by telling me that they will judge even tougher for me. Heck, I sounded unsteady la.

Had a great deal of catching up afterwards at Cafe Gailee where cherrie treated me to a free cup of mocha latte. I learnt that latte = milk. So desu neh... So if you go aboard and order a latte, expect a cup of milk! Its always nice to be chatting over coffee. Just right after dinner, we walked from orchard to plaza sing where cherrie spotted Joe and 2 other gals! lol. I felt cheeky and wanted to surprise him. As he went to order his coffee at starbucks, we hurried to his table and sat there backfaced waiting for him to return. Guess we were too noticeable, esp my hair that the moment he returned he called out our names. Bo fun de.. Ya I know its wu liao of us, but its very typical feng and cherrie to do tat. Joe asked if I was crying cos my eyes were red... Alamak, my contacts dry la. Please hor... I dun normally cry outside or esp infront of others la.

We spotted 4-leaf clover accessories there and cherrie ask if I wanted one. Not that I dun believe in that but just that if I ever had luck, I had given it away long time ago in Cambodia. I was the first to spot them in the village (Really rare sia). But gave them all away in the end. No wonder so down on luck hahaha... Forget to mention that I forgot to bring my atm and credit card out today lor. So ke lian man. Have to rely on cherrie to treat me dinner initially but thankfully I had a few bucks to last me through dinner. 空得一身轻.

Deciding not to disturb our xiao shi di with his chio friends, we sat ourselves on the steps outside Plaza Sing to continue chat. Dunno how come our conversations always venture into weird topics. We started talking about the people we would wanna see upon our deathbeds. I made her promised to inform a list of people should I be in that situation. Its like setting up a spoken will liao. LOL... I told her I still had that box (Only a few know of it) that I wish to discard. Met Ernest on the way back. I complained how terribly I sounded, in fact worse than my exam day. He suaned me!!! Said that at least I didnt use Gu lat like the other day. Diaoz... Use also cannot, dun use also cannot lol.. K I shan't complain, its just very me to freak out anywayz.

Hm.. wanna blog about this book I read on my way home. Highly recommended by my bro. Guess will leave it to some other days cos not much writing juice left. Just wanna say that this book reveals the simplest yet easily forgotten principles of life. Very enjoyable.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Went Changi airport this morn to send off mei mei. She's heading to Beijing for a week with her CCA group - Chinese Orchestra. I think my mei's pretty talented, not only did she pick up music herself, she plays the Zhong ruan, Gu zhen and a little of keyboard. In fact my lao ya organ at home is more utilised by her than anyone else.

I was wondering if mom will tear at the airport like she always do. She's the emotional sort. Perhaps cos now she's very occupied as well as emotionally attached to cai to feel worried. She sayangs him like dunno wat. Could be scolding us at one moment and yet speak in the most loving tone to him the next moment. She calls him her baby now... lol

Think cai will miss my sis more than anyone else since he always sees her at home. In fact, he's now more attached to her. She called back this evening to 报平安. It feels unusually warm to hear her voice from the other part of the globe. People do appreciate better when apart hor.. So jian man. We take those around us for granted most of the time.
Event: Dumpling day
Venue: Colleague Chao & Gerrit's house

Long wanted to upload these forgotten picts. Think it has already passed a month since. lol.

Diced ingredients (My work k! See how nicely done!!! lol) I think I'm getting better with my knife work. Last time I used to pick up the chopper and start chopping recklessly. Now, I invented my own way to used one hand as the pivot effectively. Applause please!! *smug look

Chao mixing those diced ingredients. So nice of her to invite us to her place in the first place. We definitely made hell of a mess in her kitchen.

The master showing her skills to a group of keen and HUNGRY desciples.

Desciple no1: Matthius.
U see him pretty muscular but u'll be surprised to know that he's a full vegetarian lor!

Desciple no2: Matthius roped in his gf to help and to eat of cos! She's also part vegetarian liao.

Desciple no3: A very good desciple. Watching intendly.. Hohohoh
(Tat's Gerrit at the background)

This person here cant wait to have a go. See that overly exagerated expression.. =P

Now now. Dun think that I'm only a glutton k. See my FIRST ever dumpling! Makes the teacher proud sia.

Cant wait to eat my own creation!

The vegetarian dumplings
The best looking dumpling award goes to........ Me!!! That's the nicest one out of the lot liao. Proud sia!
Done with the dumplings, its now Mr Adrian's turn to show off his choc fondue. Taking a peep at him divulging his secret ingredients from the fridge.

Actually my eyes were really on that hot choc pot over the stove. Slurps!

Final moments of the to-be-gone fondue..... Yum! Look so good..

See everyone's enjoying the delightful yet sinful dessert. That Adrian has got so many different choc melted in that pot.

There's never a free lunch in the world. There's a golden rule to clean up after your mess afterall.
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