Monday, January 17, 2005


Phew, finally got a chance to catch my breath. I had just finished a 2 day weekend seminar - Unleash Your Potential. I was there as an Assistant Coach. Having undergone the seminar before, I felt impacted to a certain extent that I decided to join them in impacting and adding value to other people's life.
Unleash Your Potential is more of a personal development course. The trainers having undergone seminars like Anthony Robbins's and many famous motivational speakers, combined all they have learnt into this course. For that alone, they only charged $350 to Monarch Associates while to non-members, they charged $800. To me, I find that the value of the course is much much more than that. In fact Eric Lee mentioned that the course alone have helped him saved $100,000.
The role was not as easy as I had originally expected. For a start, I didn't expect that doing a seminar like this can be so tiring and physically challenging. I have to exercise and train my endurance during one of the tougher parts that is the rugby test. For the first time in my life, my legs, back and feet were threatening to give way during the time I stood beside the judges. Nevertheless, the participants gave me a stronger reason to bear with the aches. All the aches and pains I'm getting now is worth the effort. It was a fulfilment feeling from my part of being able to be part of a team to help other people in different ways. I realise how simple actions like an encouraging eye contact and smile can help someone alot.
At certain points, I played the devil in not allowing people to leave the room till the final test has completed and everyone had their breakthrough. Priscilla looked offended when I told her she cannot leave the course halfway cos she is short changing herself as well as helping her team lose points. Could sensed that she was pissed.
At the end, many people touched me. I was kinda worried that Priscilla will take to heart about me being stern with her. I was glad that in the end, she came up to me to thank me for forbidding her to leave the room. Another person to touch me was Vivien who came up to me at the end crying and hugged me real hard. She brought tears to my eyes and I suddenly felt that every effort I had put in was worthwhile and appreciated.
Audrey came up to me to hug and thank me for being the best AC (Hahahaha it feels good). She is feeling excited about doing Monarch now and how this MLM company can be so different from the rest outside. I totally agree with her. We are a filtration business. We need willing people. In fact, I have rejected many prospects before.
Having around 70 over downlines after 4 months in Monarch, I realised that out of these, some are not committed in building their own biz. Its kind of a burden to be overseeing and trying to motivate them when I can invest my time to help those who are really willing and help them succeed.


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