Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Monavie's Cool

Monavie's Cool

My 2nd shipment of Monavie Active has arrived! Yeah! Just in time cos we have already run out our first batch of 28 bottles.

Dad was so blown off by its effect that he's fervently recommending it to his colleagues. Now he can handle his 12km run without pain.

Guess he was amazed by how fast Monavie did in relieving his knee pain. I never doubted the effect since I have so many positive feedbacks. I attribute it to Glucosamine and Celadrin that's found in Monavie Active.

Even my relatives are all trying it out. I hope grandpa's knees can finally get its long needed lubrication.

I think the doctors are really smart. Not only did they use concorted the age-defying Monavie with Acai (top super fruit from Amazon) and other super fruits, they added these 2 important ingredients. While glucosamine aids flexibility of the joints and celadrin forms a protective membrane, the fruit extract fasten the absorption rate of glucosamine and celadrin into the joints.

3 Cheers for Monavie!!!


***wIsHfuL mE*** said...

hi gal, really feel happy for u that u hv been receiving so many positive feedbacks... think ur flight to dreams is taking off =)
Think im quite interested in the Monavie Active coz of the 2 impt ingredients - Glucosamine and Celadrin.

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