Thursday, February 17, 2005

Thick Face Black Heart

Thick Face Black Heart
Wee... Just finished reading Thick Face Black Heart by Chu Chin-Ning this morning. Fantastic book I should say. Its on the warrior philosophy for conquering the challenges of business and life.

At first, I thought its like any other business and management books I have read before. But as I read along, I find that I became more intrigued by her refreshing concepts. She derived most of them from another book by Lee Zhong Wu called Thick Black Theory.

Thick Black Theory has never been translated or published outside of China. Even within China, Lee's frank discussion of the uses of ruthlessness and hypocrisy was so disturbing that the country banned it since the day of its publication. - Chin-Ning

Some interesting concepts that I would like to share:

1) Thick Face - the shield: to protect yourself from the criticism and negative opinions of others

2) Black Heart - the spear: to do battle with others and yourself

3) A Black Heart is ruthless but not necessarily evil

4) It is part of understanding yourself and your destiny to know when to exercise your destructive force and when to submit to the destructive force of others.


The grass bends easily in the wind. The great oak stands unmoved. A strong wind can uproot the oak, but no wind, however strong, can uproot the grass that bends flat before it.


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