Monday, April 25, 2005

This is what you get when you overuse your stove Posted by Hello

One fine day, the stove got sick of working too hard for my family. Decided to protest, but I guess it went too far and now, its irreparable. Gosh.. :| Luckily no one was hurt by that outburst.

Hey people, its time to change a stove especially if yours is the glass kind and you have been overworking it for many years. =P

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I am looking for a baby sitter. Owner cannot tahan me~~! Posted by Hello

Monday, April 18, 2005

cai cai learning his new stunt - standing on his hind legs Posted by Hello

Eugene, sis, caicai, me and bro Posted by Hello

Cai cai celebrating my birthday with me ~~ Muacks! Posted by Hello

Just the 3 of us Posted by Hello

Stop moving cai cai huh Posted by Hello

Jiu ming ah. I dun like that black monster that makes such a loud noise~~! Posted by Hello

Are we taking that gamble?

Are we taking that gamble?

After all that pre-framing by government officials, my best bet is that Singapore will give the green light for the setting up of casinos here. Even a greenhorn could tell that our government is gearing towards it from the way hints are dropped, strong hints I mean.

They seemingly have been taking measures and effort to reduce the incumbent social disagreement by pushing and trumpeting all the good points of having a casino. Yes yes, I can fully understand their intentions but that doesnt mean I'm pro-casino yeah. I am not taking sides, just very neutral to this.

I understand that to move ahead, we should give thumbs up or even applaud to having a casino. At the same time, I hope measures will be in place to prevent the degradation of our society. Wouldn't want more bankrupts and hell more problems arising.

Haiz.. cant have the best of both worlds yah. Yet again conforming to the law of nature. =P

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Dirty Government?

Dirty Government?

Tensions have been escalating ever since the Japanese Gov decided to revamp their history text books. Hm.. the world's getting so messed up these days, be it natural disasters or human activities. Gee... Personally, I do not bear any grudge against the Japanese, but what they are doing right now strike a cord in me.

Got pretty angry that they are trying to re-invent the wheel and re-writing history. This is so disrespectful to those who have suffered under their hands. Yeah no doubt the younger generations should not be responsible for what their forefathers have done, but they should not have denied that fact. Are they scared to own up mistakes of the past?? That's cowardice. I pity them in fact. Losers..

I am happy that people are protesting this. But as things starts to get into riots and strikes, I wonder if we are also stooping to their level. Why let the Japanese have a chance to say that we are just as low. Violence begets violence, how true.

Do not know how this episode will turn out. I hope that gov does some reflection and weigh the effect of its actions. If it decides that it can afford to incur the wrath of so many millions around the world, I wish it luck! We can only sigh and shake our heads at these ignorant people. Hey! Wake up please!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Just like the advert I saw that day.  Posted by Hello

I love korean hanbok!! Posted by Hello

Forgot where this place was already. Shud be Genting ba Posted by Hello

Fi Fi Fo Fum.. I smell the blood chinese women. Posted by Hello

Me and sis in our hanbok during cny2003 Posted by Hello

Found a really cute pict of ting ting in her hanbok. How time flies... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Youngest starting from the right ah hem...  Posted by Hello

Our first ever xmas tree.. No wonder we get so excited over it.. blah Posted by Hello

Time for some cheeky shots! That's me!!! Posted by Hello

The hiau po Posted by Hello

Ting Ting grown up liao Posted by Hello

20/03 - Any objections about us being sisters? Posted by Hello

Soli soli.. I wun do it again boo hoo.... Posted by Hello

Gib me your paw.. Posted by Hello

09/04/05 Looking like a little lion dancer isnt it?? Posted by Hello

04/04/05 darling sleepy head with his favourite toy Posted by Hello

Monday, April 11, 2005

如 果 你 还 爱 我

如 果 你 还 爱 我

Heard this song from a friend in my vocal class. For those of you who know me well, I'm pretty sadistic sometimes. I actually enjoy being sad and forlorn sometimes. That's when I get inspirations and stuff like dat. hehehe...

And I lova post sad songs on my blog. Dun get me wrong yeah. I simply love sad sad songs... They bring out torrents of emotions within me. Well, prob due to past experiences. All that has happened in life has left imprints that are unwashable. I am glad though that I have live a rather fruitful life. Though there may be some regrets here and there, they make up wonderful memories which I always like to look back upon.

Here's the song!

我 带 着 一 稞 疲 惫 的 心, 走 了. 我 知 道 自 己 在 你 心 里 已 不 重 要.
虽 然 我 们 曾 经 相 聚 过, 也 许 对 于 你 来 说, 已 经 没 有 什 么 值 得 回 忆.
我 带 着 一 稞 沉 重 的 心, 走 了. 我 知 道 自 己 没 有 勇 气 道 别 离.
虽 然 我 们 曾 经 拥 有 过, 但 是 对 于 你 来 说, 已 经 没 有 什 么 值 得 回 忆.

难 道 早 已 注 定 不 能 真 正 拥 有 你, 难 道 我 真 心 付 出 一 切,
是 为 了 承 受 孤 单 和 寂 寞.
我 知 道 你 不 敢 对 我 坦 白, 是 不 要 看 到 我 的 伤 怀,
虽 然 你 没 有 说 要 离 开 我, 我 已 经 感 到 你 不 在 属 于 我.

如 果 你 还 爱 我, 你 不 会 对 我 如 此 的 冷 漠.
又 怎 么 会 让 我 在 慢 慢 长 夜 独 自 徘 徊.
如 果 你 还 爱 我, 你 不 会 对 我 如 此 的 冷 漠.
我 只 能 含 着 眼 泪 默 默 的 离 开.

突 然 发 财

突 然 发 财

Remember the movie 突 然 发 财? I realised that our home has also 突 然 发 财. Not in the monetary sense but ah has suddenly appear into our lives and integrated into our family. That's why its 突 然 发 财!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Weird Weird

Weird Weird

April 7, 2005

Harvard professor accused of trying to steal manure from farmer
ROCKPORT, Mass. (AP) - A Harvard University economics professor was charged with misdemeanour larceny and trespassing for allegedly trying to steal manure from a farm.

A stable manager, Phillip Casey, called police after finding Martin Weitzman on the farm last Friday, police said. The horse farm uses the manure as fertilizer or sells it for $35 US per truckload. Officer Michael Marino said Weitzman also was charged with malicious destruction of property because tire marks were left by his truck. Weitzman did not return telephone calls for comment.

Gee... Of all things, Manure??? What is the world coming to??? This guy is sure one desperado man. Unless I'm sua gu, but is manure that much worth to be stolen?? argh....

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Wat's that?? Posted by Hello
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