Monday, April 18, 2005

Are we taking that gamble?

Are we taking that gamble?

After all that pre-framing by government officials, my best bet is that Singapore will give the green light for the setting up of casinos here. Even a greenhorn could tell that our government is gearing towards it from the way hints are dropped, strong hints I mean.

They seemingly have been taking measures and effort to reduce the incumbent social disagreement by pushing and trumpeting all the good points of having a casino. Yes yes, I can fully understand their intentions but that doesnt mean I'm pro-casino yeah. I am not taking sides, just very neutral to this.

I understand that to move ahead, we should give thumbs up or even applaud to having a casino. At the same time, I hope measures will be in place to prevent the degradation of our society. Wouldn't want more bankrupts and hell more problems arising.

Haiz.. cant have the best of both worlds yah. Yet again conforming to the law of nature. =P


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