Monday, May 16, 2005

Automated Income Builder

Automated Income Builder

Have been pretty slack lately to develop my automated 24/7 system for Monavie.

For those who yet to know, yeah.. Miss Sim joined an MLM company (Grasp!!) Never expected it right?? Yeah me neither.

I hate people who pestered me to join them. (1 went to the extend of 2 years)
I hate their pack of lies about earning fast bucks. (There is no free lunch excuse me!)
I hate the foolishness of some who preach that network marketing is easy.
I hate the way they brainwash individuals.
I hate how some network companies cheated their distributors.
I hate I hate I hate...!

Hm... I will not join the ranks of those I mentioned above yah. I never resort to those points mentioned above. Dun start going around to think that I'm gonna introduce my Network Company though I find it one of the most respectable ones around.

If you are wondering why Miss Sim here joined an MLM when she is supposedly a super hater of it, I just wanna clarify that there is nothing wrong in joining one! It was the belief that there is nothing impossible in this world that I joined my MLM. Get it? Hm.. I sound defensive but the response I get from some of my ignorant friends really irked me sometimes:

Some examples:

1) "Erm.. How did you get brainwash??"
This is really irritating. I have yet to tell them the reason I joined and they have already formed their own opinions and pre-framing their own minds. (Knock Knock) Excuse me, you are the one asking me why I joined in the first place and I am just being polite to answer your queries.
Btw, I guess I got pretty mad cos they are undermining my sensibility and IQ. Am I that stupid?? If so, I dun think I deserve my 2nd Upper Honours.

2) "Wait till you earn, you call me to join u k."
What kinda friends are these who only choose to join you in your riches. Gee.. One positive aspects of joining an MLM is that you can really see who are your true friends.

3) "Aiyo, I'm not interested"
These are the people who knows I'm in a network company. This is their first statement when I call them. "Hello?? I didn't even have the intention of inviting you to join me. I am not your typical MLM recruiter!"

For these ignorant people, let me STRESS this point. You do not judge a person by the type of business he/she is in, but the way he/she does it. Get it!

One more point here. I am not a sales person. I look upon myself as an Entrepreneur. So I do not keep harping one recruitment or nagged at those who aint interested.

Kekeke.. I realised I digressed and turned the topic into a venting post. My intention of this post was actually to update that I have just signed up for a auto-responder system MyIncomeBuilder (similar to the one I am developing). After some time of observation and experiment, I found it pretty effective. With this system, I can put more effort into my team's own system.


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