Friday, May 13, 2005

Boy does that still hurt

Boy does that still hurt!

Ow..!! Has already well past day 5 and my gums are still swollen and hurting. Thank goodness my cheeks did not puff up like those power puffs. Its not even my wisdom tooth that I had extracted but merely the molar beside.

I never recalled having to suffer so much for taking out a tooth in my younger days. Or is it my "retribution" for not visiting the dentist in my last 5 years (Yes! I hate dentists).
The headache that horribly wrong positioned tooth gave over-exceeded the pain of visiting a dentist, hence I made one of my toughest decision to extract that problem spot. My.. I do kinda regret that. I'm now still suffering.

The pain was excruciating the day before just as I thought the pain is subsiding. My cheeks flushed and tears started to roll uncontrollably. Concerned colleagues had to coo me in going home to rest. Erm.. I hate to leave work.. hhahahaha
Well, I had no choice but to go to a dentist again to seek remedy. Ern.. was diagnosed with a dry socket condition which I have never heard of. Food got stuck in the wound I supposed and the bone in my gums were too dry. Henceforth an infection set in. Dun seem to understand why so.

Okay and so I was told that I need more rest and that the infection would take MORE TIME to recover from.. Eekz..~!!! I cant hate dental more.


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