Monday, June 13, 2005

Busy busy busy

Busy busy busy

I wanna scream!!! "I am so BUSY!!!! HELP"
I'm so bored down with work man. 24hrs seem so short a day now.
So busy that I do not have ample time to spend with my cai cai.
Sundays are now my official working hours too.
I neglected my blog too.....

Anyway, I squeezed sometime during the weekends to bring ah cai down to Junction8 where the Wacky Waggy Fashion Fun was held.
Ah cai was having loads of fun there mingling with other dogs.
But he was so silly. Other dogs were wagging their tails and sniffing him all over, while he mistook their action for challenges. In the end, he was trying to hop and pounce on them instead. Stupid boy leh.

Watched the doggie obedience competition. Used to think that Ah cai was smart for his age. Hahaha.. Now it seems I have to train him harder to achieve that standard of obedience. Not that I wanna take part in those contest, but having a discipline dog is cool!! That notti boy still haven gotten rid of his habit of biting and tearing newspapers. "Piak" Slap ur butt ah~~!

Btw, I subscribed for a year of Clubpets magazine. Not that I super love that mag, but the next issue will have me and ah cai posing for some picts. hehehehe... The mag's camera guy took a shot of him kissing me. Really hope to get my hands on the next issue.


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