Friday, June 17, 2005


Really dun feel like writing anything right now.


So I simply cut my bro's post and pasted it here.
Anyway, his tots are exactly mine... except that I last saw him in ICU at NUH.
Yeah... Death is something that I have never come face to face with yet.
And Dad's definitely not OK!

My bro's post:


Thursday, June 16, 2005
An unfamiliar topic to me.
Due to me not having experienced it before.
Until recently.

Grandad's in ICU for the third time.
More tubes this time, and practically living on machines.
I'm sure his sons have already come to the painful decision of removing the life support.
When will it be?

When was the last time i saw him?
At my cousin's wedding, dated not long ago.
He was still standing and smiling, though he couldnt hear what i had to say.

I hope my Dad's ok.
I know he's not, but he will be.

I think we'll all go see him one last time this weekend.


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