Thursday, June 23, 2005

Doggie Horoscope

Interesting. Got referred to a horoscope site for our little furballs.
Well, no harm giving it a try right. Also wanna see how accurate it can be. HAhaha.. Probably then I can understand cai cai more.
Here's today's reading for cai:
You have strong and definitive emotions. You make a staunch and loyal friend, but a bitter enemy. You should learn to guard against jealousy.
(Ah true true. That little fella gets jealous and pounce on me when I pretend to call his toy cai cai and stroke it)
Take care that your desire for revenge does not spoil your happiness.
(Eeks! Revenge??)
You love your home and family life. You are fascinated by the new and unusual and are always sniffing out new adventures.
(Yah, if you consider tearing up every single strange and bitable objects as new adventures lor)
You dislike constraint of any kind.
(Cannot agree more! Almost able to jump over the fence everytime I put him into his fenced area)
You are fortunate to possess independence and you are quick to action.
(Eh.. He is super dependent on me!!! Must always stick to me like super glue)
If you are looking for a rewarding relationship your soul mate may have been born in September or May. Your days will be filled with excitement and rewards.
(Hahahahahaha!!! He's awaiting to be neutured in Aug... Too late boy. Anyway, I haven have the least intention of introducing a new member as yet)
Compatibility with owner


A very compatible relationship. Aries may find Aquarius a little inattentive (not true), but with understanding and love, these two will click and share many new and exciting activities together. An adventure awaits you both!


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