Friday, June 24, 2005

Now I know

I read that pets help reduce stress of their owners. This made me reflect abit.
Yup. I think that statement is not made for nothing. Cai cai's admittance into my family has definitely brought alot more joy in the house.

Though still a young pup, he knows when I'm down. When I cry, he will give a worried look then frantically run to me and lick me down. Really really adorable whenever he does that. I start to look forward to coming home everyday cos he will be the most excited and happiest member to greet me and lick me generously.

No matter how much stress I accumulate during the day, the sight of him made me forget things clouding my mind.

My mom who has phobia of dogs (Still has), started to love that little furball alot. She coos about what he does in the afternoon when I'm away at work. In the beginning, she tolerated him enclosed in a play pen (she's afraid of dogs rubbing against her legs). Then it promoted to a fenced up area within the house. Later on, she voluntarily let him out as early as 2pm in the afternoon when he wakes up from morning naps. By and large, cai's fast becoming the apple of our eyes.


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