Tuesday, June 14, 2005

To all my sad friends out there

To all my sad friends out there
I know some of you are down right now at the moment. I'm dedicating this song to you all including the sometimes sad me too. Hopefully, you will find some solace in it. =)
Song Title: 你连笑起来都不快乐
Singer: 游鸿明
当别的女子对情人说 留下来别走给我承诺
当别的女子总的泪流 埋怨著情人爱得不够
於是我去去留留 於是我漂漂泊泊
於是我停停走走 直到今天才发觉
你连笑起来都不快乐 你连做著梦都泪流
你把所有希望交给我 我却通通遗落在风中
你连笑起来都不快乐 你连做著梦都泪流
今後女人渴望的幸福 我要用心让你都拥有
Nice and sad right!! =)


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