Friday, June 17, 2005

Wish I was a doc

Wish I was a doc

Yup, I sounded angry in the previous post. It arises due to my frustrations of not being able to do anything much except seeing my grand-dad "fading" away.

I suddenly wish I was a doc. They say his body is weak but spirit's still strong. His will to live is very very high. We shud go along with that isn't it? But the docs were implying otherwise.

I wonder how a decision shud be cos if we allow the machines to be plugged off, aren't we = MURDERERS???? We are depriving him of living when we cud.

But seeing him suffer also render alot of tots of relieving him from this world.
Well, I shud be thankful that I'm not the one to make the decision.... Still... (Sigh..)

Dunno what to write liao.


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