Tuesday, August 30, 2005


For years, I have been trying to search for a particular song that I heard on tv during a charity event. No title, no singer, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. K I shud admit I'm not resourceful enough.

The words of the songs were really simple yet powerful to me. If I hadn't remembered wrongly, one part of the verse goes like this:


Dunno why I was so mesmerised by the words, but kinda really felt that the composer was really amazing to put simple words like these to tug at heart strings.
From that day onwards, I was like trying to locate whoever sang this song... Disaster lah. No one could tell me when I tried to hum the tune. Got pretty disappointed after a while.

Gradually, this search of that song kinda died down and I started to forget its existence, until I watched 争锋相对, a chinese talk show yesterday. The host brought out the lyrics of the same song at the end and I was pleasantly surprise to know that the singer is a lady called Su Rui!!! Almost wanted to jump into the tv to hug that host. hahaha.. K dramatic.

One more prob... I dunno the song title. Aiyo I really must kick myself in the butt. I was fruitlessly searching for songs under that singer, forgeting the fact that searches can also be done with the lyrics. See lah.. how unresourceful I can be.
Anyway, found the song 牵手 liao. =) Still feels good.

Digressing a little. I almost went solo ktv again yesterday cos we had half day off work. Dunno why so gian these days. Anyway, I realised that kbox's timing wasnt right for me. Then considered party world but again, I think they charge by per room. So bo hua for 1 person right. Can the music publishers please bring out more ktv albums?? The problem with singing at home is the lack of songs neh. =P


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