Friday, August 19, 2005

Hm... I am just wondering if many of you have some posts that will never see the daylight. Erm.. that I mean posts that are not publish but saved as drafts.

Perhaps I aint as forthright as I thought I would be. Many posts lie as drafts in my blogger.
I feel that my privacy would be trespassed should I ever publish them.Have this desire to create an anonymous blog for all such posts so that I will not need to hide them away at all.

Must also apologise to some of my friends. I think I have caused you people inconveniences.
Many of you have been fervently trying to meet me up to chat and do some catching up. It seems like apart from KTV (bad bad, I've been pestering friends to go with me. Hm.. Looking from their perspective, I can be really annoying huh), I'm very much now in a hermit mode. Need some time to be alone, hidding away in the comfort of a nice cafe.


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