Monday, August 01, 2005

I need a change

I need a change

For what?? Dunno leh, just find that my life is becoming stagnant.
Not that I'm unsatisfied with it or what, but somehow, something is just missing.
That crucial piece of element to ignite that fire in me.

Come to think about it, I used to be really passionate about life. Everything just seems perfect and wonderful. I do not have problems surrounding me all the time. Even exams seems like fun, having everyone stressed out together and the adrenaline pumped up during paper days. Those days it just seems life can never be better.

I was gregarious, full of life and a fantastic dreamer.
I dreamt about all sorts of things. I dreamt that I own big houses where I can easily convert a large field for my fur friends to roam about. I also dream of having lotsa children where I would have the time freedom to educate myself. I imagined I was a witch or something along the line who would secretly help those in need. Many many lah. Cannot recall at this point of time. So I dreamt and dreamt all the way to uni. Not that I expect them to turn to reality, but I enjoyed the ability to dream.

Those days, I just felt like I was someone special (I think many will agree with me that each of us knows that we are special deep inside). Not the super power kind lah though I do wish I could fly with a broomstick ahahhaha.

Erm.. Now it seems that I stopped dreaming. Dunno if I'm lazy or that reality is getting to me. That fire in me somehow ceased to burn. I'm probably weaned off my energy to devoting my time to family, work and relationship that I do not have my own personal time to look at what I really want to do.

aiyo sian. I'm going back to work.


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