Friday, August 12, 2005

My dog changes my state

My dog changes my state

I guess its a good thing isn't it?? To come home to an anxious pup showering you with the warmest greetings it could garner. Glad that I didnt make the wrong decision of buying him. Since then, he has been my closest confidante. One who would guard my innermost secret. Well, he is free to share with his other furfriends for all I care. kekeke...

Probably of the stagnant nature of work life, I kinda wonder if I'm under some kinda depression cos I no longer seem to find zest and energy in the things I do and often go home feeling a little emptiness here and there.

However, the sight of my dog changes my state of mind. Okay even if its for a short while, he at least made me wanna smile at him. At times when I'm really down, I forced myself to smile and do some baby talk to him. Even then, it helped in some subconscious mind conditioning. That darling...

Went for ktv this evening. Something which I really haven't been doing like for ages. Was glad that I was finally doing something for myself. After so long, it feels great to be back on that. Enjoyed every moment of it though at the same time with a little pang of guilt cos I thought of my dog back home waiting for me.


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