Friday, August 26, 2005

My dog gave me 2 orh qei

My dog gave me 2 orh qei

Cai is superb I tell you. Especially that strong as metal head of his. In just one week, he has coloured my legs beautiful twice!
Now I'm covered with 2 nice patches of blue-black on my knee and legs. One of them even has a bump.
That boy goes crazy while at play. He dashes pass everyone like Dash in THE INCREDIBLES except that he always cannot brake in time.

The first blue-black I received was 2 days ago when I played with him. It sounds crazy cos what Cai did was just run over my knee and the next thing I know is PAIN!! Could see the orh qei surfacing almost immediately. Cai dun even seem to feel the pain.

Yesterday I received the second one from him when I brought him down to play with his friends. U know what happens when dogs meet their kind. There was lots of scruffling and chasing everywhere. Cai is really abrazen or shud I say a small dog with a big fighting spirit. Big sized dogs dun seem to intimidate him at all. He is always the initiator to play cum fights.
Was happily seeing them play when suddenly i saw Cai rushing to me madly with Spot hot on his heels. Before I cud scream no, he crashed into my legs and I almost fell as Spot came along too.
Cai didn't even profess pain while I was half clutching the floor liao. It HURT like hell lor!!!

Was so worried for Cai's head though throughout he continued having fun. Really tok gong.


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