Tuesday, August 30, 2005



For christ's sake! Can our legal body be a little more fairer to our furfriends???
A simple 3K fine for murdering your dog... This is simply too much to bear. U mean a dog's life is that cheap?

The owner of a Alaskan malamute, left it in his backyard without any water and furthermore in direct sunlight. The dog died of heatstroke with blood foaming at its mouth. Outrageous!! How can anyone do this to his/her dog..??? Furthermore, it is was an artic dog.
Anguish aside, I feel more like crying for that poor darling now.

Do sign this petition online though I don't think it will very much help in this case cos we are talking about animals. Likewise the famous quote from animal farm "4 legs good, 2 legs bad", legal system probably thinks it's otherwise

I can never imagine putting my own cai fenced up outdoors. The tot of him having to brave the rain and shine can already bring tears to my eyes. Freaky. Even my mom who resisted having a dog in the house initially has grown to love animals better, all becos cai taught her how so. Though she still is very much afraid of carrying cai or having him lick her feet, she tolerated all his notti antics and even him peeing on her bed several times.

Its quite perplexing as to why the owner could behave in such irresponsible ways after owning the dog for so long. Strange... Probably I still dun understand humanmetrics.

Oh yah. And take a look at this ... So many dogs are being given up for adoption daily.. Sad leh


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