Monday, October 31, 2005

Genting again...

I really wonder sometimes why they all love to go that place. We've been there like dunno how many donkey times liao lor. Its always the same. Can anyone please suggest beach area or at least second mine when I suggest redang. Bro was complaining how this Genting trip with friends became a family affair. After so many years, expected liao right brother. Even extended to the whole extended family lor. Can book a full bus liao.

K. I'm not totally against that idea since the rest seems happy about it. But the bad part of the deal is that we are going on the 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th.... KAoz!!! My xmas eve and xmas itself gone liao..! Already imagining myself stuck up there babysitting the young ones and singing "Horror on Xmas Eve (Mayday's song)" while the rest goes casino! Casino.. the root of all evil. The only motivation for the adults in my family to be there. Cut the crap about what a nice place it is and how cool it is up there. Its more likely the sounds of the jackpots and roulette table that is the main draw. Thankfully, I'm not siao gambling though I did have a go at it a few times. I normally could win a very minor amount, but to HELL with it lah!!! Waste my time gambling with luck while I can do something more constructive. Apart from the women folks (excluding myself) the rest of us do not go there for the sake of gambling. In fact, given a choice, we would rather go somewhere "Healthier".

Aiya. Shall consider lugging my guitar up to the mountains and 闭关修练 la. They rest shall have to put up with my nightly affair with the guitar lor.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

呼吸. 听了不懂几百遍.


(有过似乎一样的经验吧. 那时还迷路. 来到没人的地方, 又不能向谁问路. 的确有那么点慌. 想想看, 那天还下着倾盆大雨. 反正都迷路了, 索性停车开音乐, 沉浸在没人的世界里.)




(谁不想坚强? 谁不想活得比从前更好? 但很奇怪, 深呼吸后真的比较舒服也能微笑)


(我属于复杂的类型. LOL. 没办法, 我就是这样. 梦想是有, 但不是很伟大.)


Friday, October 28, 2005

Tired, hungry, panicky, jittery, worried, happy, elated, satisfied, exhausted.
Felt it all just in one day. 精彩 right? Yeah you bet! Its like taking the roller coaster ride today.

The GEP students I mentor were scheduled to have their presentations in the afternoon today. Was feeling a wee bit of anticipation for them. Afterall, the ARGame team were working pretty hard lately for their completion. Was hoping that things will go fine for them.

Alas.... today真是祸不单行. We happily arrived at ACSI to find ourselves walking 冤枉路. The venue was simply hard to find and the map the gals had made things worst. Its written 4th Level!! We took to the stairs since the lift was under maintenance. After walking rounds, someone pointed to us that it was in fact on level 1!!! Was trying hard not to curse out loud. At least not infront of the kids.

Before we could even warm our seats, one of the gals started to exclaimed out loud that the thumbdrive containing the team's presentation slides was left in school. You can imagine how dreadful I felt for them. That's a presenter's worst nightmare lorh. Everything became a frenzy. I admit I was for a moment at lost of what we should do. They are scheduled to start at 4:10pm and it was already 3:30pm!!! Requesting the group after them to take up their slot first, Abi and Joey decided to dashed back to school (RGS - that's orchard loh....). Thinking that they could make time on that, I thought I could relax alittle though still jittery.

Then, the other group came to inform me that they cant take up the earlier slot since their slides are also in the midst of preparation. Not ready.... Gosh.. Was starting to fret but had to keep my cool. Thank heavens when I saw my other GEP students arriving very much early than their scheduled time. The MOE officer must think that I'm a teacher with RGS cos I kept requesting changes in the team order.

Then I receive a call from Abi imploring me to search their bags for the thumbdrive. U can again imagine how my heart just dropped and sank to pit bottom again. Wasn't upset that they couldn't find the slides, but was more worried about their mental well-being. Afterall, they must be badly shakened by the loss of slides. How to present properly when you are all flustered and feeling down. Joey sounded like her voice was about to break.

As they make their way back, I was searching high low for that thumbdrive. When it was confirmed that it cant be found, I concentrated on thinking how I could calm the gals when they return. Was praying very hard for them that things will turn out well in the end and the slides will turn up miraculously. The other team came out complaining on how this ang mo reviewer shoot horrible qns. Alamak, make Abi and Joey more nervous.

I was coming up with some lame consolation words on how presentations can always be interesting without slides and how most successful speakers and motivators do without them. All they need was to make the atmosphere relax and interacting. How as a reviewer, we will condition ourselves to come across as mean and stern. Bet all that din help sooth their fear.
Of cos they ended up presenting without slides. Cud feel their nervousness spanning across the room.

Somehow, though it started jittery, everything start to fall in place. The ang mo reviewer had lotsa qns for them but I felt he what he asked were very reasonable qns. Then things turned light-hearted with the reviewers getting increasingly interested in the AR Game. I knew things were going to be just fine. 捏一把冷汗

The best part of the news was that, the gals were told that their project were selected for the symposium and they were awarded DISTINCTION!!! Man! As they were screaming, I was curbing myself not to. Was so happy for them. Glad that all their efforts paid off. Seems like losing those slides could afterall be a blessing in disguise. Seeing their elated faces, I couldnt help but feel a sense of satisfaction. Is that how a teacher always feel for his/her students; that sense of satisfaction in seeing them achieve somethings? Watever, just felt so happy.
So this is how much my blog's worth

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
How much is your blog worth?

Lol. I never knew blogs' worths can be tabulate this way. K at least I dun think mine's worth anything. Can get >3k I'm already laughing lor (was expecting to see ko song 0).

A check on xx's blog addy churned out millions of dollars man while BM got only like 1 tenth of hers. Aiyo.. but I read BM more leh.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

K I kenna scolding liao. This time from Prince of contests.
Scolded me for being a fool, ignorant fellow, how sibeh 丢脸 I am blah blah blah.
All cos of my previous post. Piangz.. 反应 so 激动
In order to appease him, must 澄清 that Mayday had 2 versions of 让我照顾你.
The one pre-fixed with "Enrich your life" is a version they wrote for charity.
Wah liew, cannot tolerate ignorant people or so u said. Never ask u to tolerate me wat... bleh..
Enrich your life 让我照顾你 - A song sang by Mayday in their concert version.
Was looking for the lyrics of this song but it's slightly deviates from the one I listened to.

Found on webby:











I shall attempt to type out the version they sang




Enrich Your Life
When dreams become too far-fetched, I remind myself
When reality becomes too draining, I slow down
When the mind becomes clouded, I try dispelling worries
When tots becomes confusing, I try ignoring
When life becomes discouraging, I seek more meaning
When goals seem out of reach, I stretch my hands further
When stars no longer shine, I ask for more light

Suddenly, I wish I had 小叮噹's 八宝袋.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cai's tramautized. Cos of a freaking cockroach!!!!!
Was about to update my blog when I spot 2 disgusting feelers jutting out from dad's camera bag...
*Shriek!!!! I screeched and ran immediately to take cover. Cai was surprised by my sudden extreme reaction. He got excited cos he tot I was overjoyed. I was immediately awarded with more than 5 scratch marks on my arm cos cai was frantically jumping on me while barking at the top of his lungs. Gosh.. So small yet so loud. Almost went deaf. My poor arms.....

Anyway, the cockroach's got its end. Wun get to details. The main 主角 for this post should be

Thomas Elias!

Abit back-dated for this post (think was like 2 weeks ago) but here's our ex CamTech colleague who came back to visit us all the way from Germany. Very glad to be seeing him even though we were all so stressed out at work.

Dun be fooled by his Mr Nice guy look cos he is always ready to suan me even after so long lor! Thankfully, he redeemed himself by the gummies he brought back. 算你有心.

He graciously did a funny shot for me. Look like Mr Bean leh Thomas... lol. Will send him a mail with the subject line "Here's Mr Bean". Hiak hiak hiak evil me...! He will sure get me for this.

Here's a group shot. I'm not in there cos I'm the photographer yeah.

可能太久没做梦了. 所以昨天的梦来得有点突如奇然.
可能是思想的警钟正在敲响, 呼唤潜意识吧.
梦不可怕, 只是有点违背原理.

敞开话题, 我当啊姨了!! 小侄女诞生了.
棠姐一大清早就传送了侄女的 MMS 给我.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Had a weird dream this morning.
Kinda bothers me till now. Why so leh.
Hm... Blah =P.
Heard this song on tv this evening. Happen to find certain parts familiar yet dunno where I ever knew this song.






Sunday, October 23, 2005


Cancer charity show

Salutez and congrats to Dr William Tan! That's another Guiness world record broken. Wonder how this man managed to perserve through that 48hrs of none stop cycling. The fact that he is disabled made it more endearing. This is a real doctor we are talking about. Despite his disability, he has shown that he can still fly high realising things which we may not be able to achieve.

And that Thai actor Tony Jar or Cha or watever. I think he's better than Jackie Chan. lol. After seeing him demonstrate his kungfu skills on stage, I can only say 赞!!! (clapz clapz) Sis already hailing him as her 偶像.

Weilian Tan made me almost cry too. Though not the best of all voice, yet unfailing to touch hearts. In fact I think the amount of calls increased drastically whenever he sings.

These people lah. Make me fork out my donations unknowningly.

To be able to cry or display your emotions as you like is a good thing ma. Dun have to bother about who's with you or anyone taking notice of u. At least I find that cherrie is along that line la.

She apologised for her behaviour this afternoon but I told her there's nothing wrong with that. In fact I envy lor. Better than you 欲哭无泪 right. Or worse still, having to resort to watching soap operas to make oneself cry as a form of release. Masking is one of the toughest act in history. Feng's theory. hahahaha.

To Cherrie: Lucky you never really flood the place ah. I also wun know how to handle liao. Hope u are better.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Slept at 2am this morn. Cai had to wreak havoc at 3am. He was making hell of a racket after I barely entered dreamland. Kept snarling and barking at the window. Was wondering what could have scared him. Then I realised that it was the thunder. Kaoz... He normally wudn't act this way lor.

Had to pacify and cuddle him so that he wasn't as afraid. But once I plopped myself back to bed, he started his whole series again. Felt pretty irritated so ended up scolding and caning him with the newspapers which was a terrible method cos he became more defiant. He's barks simply got louder. Finally, to my relieve, he stopped. But that peacefulness didnt last long. He went on to tear the newspapers. How to sleep properly when that stupid dog continually make such a loud din with them. Footing him out of the room didnt make things easier when he started his barking frenzy again. Ah Cai!!!!!!! So in the end, had to constraint him on the bed by hugging him to sleep.

I jerked out of sleep again at 5am! That imp was making some strange noise now. Was so tired to check it out but it continued for too long to ignore. "Mr Silky Fa Cai! What the meaning of this!!!!" I got so mad. This silky had tore the water bottle cap. The water was spilled everywhere! "U!"
Gosh.. Din know whether I should cry or laugh. I can imagine what having a baby is like liao. U keep waking up the whole night to attend to that little monster lor. Sianz lah.. Imagine mopping up the floor in the wee hours of the morning. My eyes were barely opened and that monster had the cheek to take his toy to invite me to play. Gee... Cai ah.. u torturing jie jie leh. And you need energy to scold and cane him lor.

Haiz.. dunno why that boy didnt wanna sleep leh. This is the first time I see him like dat. So rebellious and notti. Jia lat. He entering his teens meh. lolz

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Was skimping through this free distribution book from Kong Meng San Monastery that we picked up from grandpa's prayer hall.
Title: How to overcome your difficulties.

It seem like any other of those free distributed books they have over there. But the thing that surprises me is that the author Ven. Dr. K. Sri. Dhammananda is a pretty well read abbot. Saw him quote a verse from Dale Carnegie. Isn't this man the author of the best seller How to win friends and influence people?

He also dedicated a chapter on "Minding your own business". That is so strangely familiar too. I read that once in one of those motivational books I had before. Kaoz.. cannot remember which book that was though. Wah.. the venerable actually read motivation books ah. To think that I always thought monks only read buddhist scriptures. Impressive.
* Snapping fingers

"Knock knock wake up. Wei.. what do you think you are doing huh?
Look at youself. So sian that face.. See also sian. Ah..! Kan bu xia qu le (cannot see anymore)."

That was what I said to myself this morning. Cai was cocking his head watching in amazement at me at it infront of my full length mirror.

Must be darn sian that's why I started talking to myself lor. I'm mad hahaha... Poor cai couldn't comprehend my sudden moodiness and non-excitement in playing with him.

"Sorry lah cai.. Jie jie sian this morning neh. U be guai and go mum mum k."

Dunno stone for how long man. Cai came to give me a lick down and laid quietly on my lappy. So cute.. That little one has got so much to offer when one needs it. The usually energizer bunny playful cai suddenly turned so dei dei. Aiyo.. I must have affected him.

I had to be cheerful for him leh. Mustering my energies, I scooped him up and started a game of catch with him. It felt much better after we fought for sometime on the bed. That little imp! Always never fail to lift up my spirits. With a satisfied sigh, I laid back with him in my arms.. This little life is so precious neh.

Recalling back on that incident, I shudder to think of what could have happened that fateful day. An instance short of losing him or myself. But then again, I'll prob not regret what I did.

As usual, I was late for work this morn. hahaha


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yah I keep posting lyrics. (Tat's what some of you complained) But I like these songs ma...
Erm.. Dun scold me.. Its Mayday again hahaha... I tried to jie diao but fail lor.


那年冬天 子弹 它给了你自由
没了 躯壳 就活在人们心中
看着 今天 你会笑还是会摇头

整个世界 曾经 都跟着你作梦
如今 和平 依然在歌曲里头
猜忌 战火 还跟着我一起生活

让我的歌 用力的穿过天空
为我爱的人 做一秒英雄

一颗红豆 为何 想单挑这宇宙
都要 怪你 在我心中播了种
一把 吉他 就想对抗万千炮火

玩着游戏 出糗 喧闹的摄影棚
怪兽 石头 默默的吐在厕所
Ok 再来 要世界为我们感动

让我的歌 用力的穿过天空
为爱我的人 做一秒英雄

总有一天 要人们叫我披头
最后没成功 也作过最美的梦

没有遗憾 最美的梦
Just as I thought I embrace changes.
Here's the Eagle Story. Highly populated via email but kinda tot it'll be nice to keep it in the blog.

Eagles are the most long-lived bird in the world. By the time they reach 40 years old, their claws will start to age, losing their effectiveness and making it hard for them to catch preys.

The lifespan of an eagle is up to 70 years old. But in order to live this long, it must make the toughest decision at 40. At 40, its beak is too long and curvy that it reaches its chest. Its wings, full of long, thickened feathers, are too heavy for easy flying. The eagle is left with 2 choices - do nothing and await its death or go through a painful period of transformation and renewal.

For 150 days, it first trains itself to fly beyond the high mountains, build and live in its nest and cease all flying activities. It then begins to knock its beak against granite rocks till the beak is completely removed. When a new beak is grown, the eagle will use it to remove all its old claws and await quietly for new ones to be fully grown. When the new claws are fully grown, the eagle will use them to remove all its feathers, one by one.

Five months later, when its new feathers are fully grown, it will soar in the sky again with renewed strength and is able to live for the next 30 years.

In life, as an individual, in a ministry, even in an organization,sometimes, we have to learn to make difficult decisions so as to make room for changes. Changes bring about renewal. And the only way for us to soar again is to let go old ways, old habits, old lives.

For as long as we are prepared to put aside our old baggage - past glory or shame, past success or failure - be willing to become zero, with an empty cup mentality, we will be able to discover our potential and head towards a renewed perspective in any aspect of our lives.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

喜欢双层巴士. 喜欢坐在顶层的最前端.
没有别人挡住视线. 眼前的景物完全属于你的.
如果加上音乐更棒. 边听着手中的MP3, 感觉很爽.

Monday, October 17, 2005

My poor colleague... Kenna knocked down by a car.
Now landed himself in the hospital with a badly mangled right arm.
They say his shoulder bone even protruded out awkwardly. Eez...
According to those who visited him. He was cycling back home from work when the incident happened. The most gek thing is that he was barely 500m from home lor!
This lady driver was so gungho to try cut into the leftmost lane from far right. How can not see him leh.

3 months not being able to work leh... Kaoz.. And he's incharge of the admin stuff. Our one and only admin personel. Wolf must be now darn tao tia liao. Better try not to incur his wrath. Scarly ask me to take over... Choi!

These few days seems to be quite jia lat leh. I hear stories of friend's friend committing suicide la, this person injure lah and that person accident lah. Perhaps must check the stars to see if there's a sao ba xing lurking around.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

This is the dress (mine's yellow) I bought from VS....
Fei hui lao shi called it banana dress...
Kaoz... wasted leh.
Wore it to my friend's wedding and ended up getting wine bath from the waiter there.

The restaurant offered to send it for dry cleaning. But looking at the material of my dress, I was prepared for the worst.
After 2 weeks.... I finally got a call this morning.
"Hi Miss Avril, I'm blah blah from blah blah hotel. Erm.. We have washed your dress but unfortunately..."
"The stains cant go off?" I quibbed since he had some difficulty breaking the news.
"Yah.. Its super ugly"
No mood to even demand payment. Or like what my friend say lah. I 好欺负!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Was on my way for vocal class when I saw the man who made me ashamed of myself last time. Think I had that posted in my blog before. Abit lazy to search it out for now.

He is a handicapped person. Lost both legs up till the knee and his arms were deformed without fingers.

That day, I was on my way to work as usual. Everyone was at their business rushing for work when I saw him quietly picking up litter people threw on the ground in the corner. Everyone casually ignored him. Cud be his short frame or that whatever he's doing was seemingly insignificant and 渺小. Deep down, I felt an utmost respect for this man. For a moment, I stopped short to observe him.

Given his disability, he made a hell of a difference to our cold society. Barely reaching the height of the dustbin, he collected as much litter he could and with some struggle threw them in. Even tot I detected a wisp of satisfaction on his face. I subtly felt ashamed of myself cos I do get dejected and negative at times. Even a person like him is doing his bit to help society despite his plight and disability and I'm always so engaged in my own selfish 自我 or unhappy encounters that I forget how fortunate I am. tsk tsk tsk...

Anyway, cos I recognise him, I decided to buy tissues from him. Very reasonably priced leh. 3 packets for $1. The rest whom I used to buy from charge quite highly. After some rumpaging through my bag (cos I dun have notes liao...), I managed to dig out exactly a dollar. Was about to pass him the money when I hesitated. His arms were stumps. I didn't know how I should pass those coins I have. Was pretty embarrased to a certain extend cos I was about to put the money into his bag myself when he reached out both arms into a cup to receive them. Was hopping that I did not cause him to feel less of a normal person cos of my slight deliberation.

Thank goodness he gave me one of the sweetest smile I ever seen. That warmed my heart immediately. Hahaha.. This man is a god sent. In his subtle ways, he has made many peoples' days I supposed.
Hark Music Cafe

Went there that Thursday with Cherrie, Wen and Phyllis. I darn sua gu lor. Even Phyllis has been to that place numerous times liao. Said that the choc fondue is good. Dark Choc Yum Yum!! Not fattening and nice!!

Haven seen Phyllis for ages. Her presence was totally welcomed! We were all pretty much dressed down while she's the splitting image of a career woman in her power suit. It was supposedly all gals night till Gor joined us hahaha.. Extra extra (Oppz... Dun think he will see this. hahaha.. ) Badly miss SP. She was still as busy as ever with her work to join us. Haiz... poor gal leh... Her bday approaching somemore.. When can you ever join us neh?

The cafe setting is pretty warmth and comfy actually. It was audience night, hence audiences get to sing. Er.. Was expected some live music though. It turned out to be music from vcds. Bleh.. And the worse is you dun get to sing like for forever... Though we were there late and took our sweet time selecting songs, we tot the queue shouldn't be that long and that requests gets rotated via table nos. But we were so so wrong. They took song request by first come first serve basis (I tot that principle only applies in some computer queue theories in school lolz..). Well, we were of cos appalled when we were about to leave and our requests are like still 10+ songs behind. When will we get to sing....

Bo bian, we all thick skinnedly signalled for the waiter to make a request on our behalf. At least sing one song before we go right. 难得 wen is prepared to 开金口 so cannot let that chance go too!

Friday, October 14, 2005







The er hu part is SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS de tok gong lor! Remind me of another uber sad piece I used to have. Shit.. have to locate that one now.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Try this on your msn:

按住 alt 键 ,然后顺序按小键盘 2 9 4 8 2 ,松 alt 键
将会出现 你的名字
"Have you ever noticed that all women's problems start with men?

Men-strual pain
Men-tal illness

Quoted from the book "Why men lie and women cry"

Ermm.. what has guynaecologist got to do with women's prob??
In any case a hysterectomy(Histerectomy) is an operation to remove a woman's uterus (womb). That's a prob too?? I tot operations are something pretty much elective.

I only feel that the world is still pretty much sexist lah despite all the talk about equality of the sexes. The men are still playing most of the dominant role. Well, not that I'm super against. Which woman dun like to be 小女人 at times?
One fine morning... Mr Boss forwarded a mail to us:

Hi all,
I was not aware that some mental/technical support is needed from our side. Perhaps we should check if 2 people can join.

Thank you,

--------------------forwarded mail from collaborators------------------------------------------

Hi Boss,

I can be understanding but I am not sure how the teachers and students attending this event will feel since there will be no instructors from your side to show support. The Poly trainers for the other school will show up in full force to support their pilot schools. I will also take it that you do not plan to put a booth at the foyer area.


Gee... that someone used emotional blackmail.
Aiya... sian. No one wants to go leh...
We were invited by our collaborator company to an opening ceremony at one of the Polys here.
Despite successful laments to boss regarding our tight deadlines and schedules, we all thought he is able to reject on our behalf.
In the end, there's still no running away. Yah lah.. that someone also made a correct point lor.

Since no one is willing to volunteer, we let fate decide:

Step 1: Deciding lot design (In our case, O = you striked goal!!! U cant run away...)

Step 2: Finding a container to hold our fateful lots

Step 3: The most unwilling step. Each pick up their lot.

Chao shrieked out. Immediately, me and Adrian sighed.
She proudly pinned her lot on her wall.

See those sian expressions..

Adrian... not sian enough.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Song from Stairway to Heaven.
Super duper sad story.. Dun watch if you are the kind who loves happy endings (Like Me!)
But the song's really nice... Lyrics also darn sad.
I like happy endings but sad songs.. hahaha contradictory.


好想你 好想你


看了今早 pirate king 发来的一首刺鸟.
几乎过于 idealistic or dramatic.
捉摸了很久, 才发现这句 "用生命交换结局的灿烂"
可能我比较 drama queen.
喜也好, 悲也好. 对我而言, 人生就是那么漂亮.


传说中 有一种鸟一生只鸣唱一次 当牠离开巢穴的那一天起
当牠找到时 就会将自己的胸膛朝着最长最尖的刺撞去
在最深最刻苦的痛中 引亢(口部)高歌而这样的歌声
超越了牠自身的痛楚 声音无与伦比感人肺腑
刺鸟从不惧死亡的降临 以牠的生命作为换取世上最美丽歌声的代价
而当我们迎向最深刻的痛 我们知道我们将无所畏惧因为
"唯有经历着最深沉的痛楚 才能换取最美好的事物"


也许就是要等 一百个世纪
我们才能够发现 真爱的美丽

龙舌兰的花朵 不代表讯绚丽
选择燃烧了自己 将真爱延续

就像刺鸟的宿命 悲剧却勇敢

天上的风 被谁推开 温暖的手 是你的爱
我还在等待 等待你的爱 真实呼喊

天空晴朗 心情很蓝 紧握的手 决不松开
怎么不回来 怎么不回来 刺鸟呼唤

天空晴朗 心情很蓝 紧握的手 决不松开
我穿越伤害 最美的答案 是你的爱

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Darling taking his nap. He sure knows how to make himself comfortable with my bro's pillow and his teddy.

Bro disturbing cai at rest

Gor I still wanna sleep. Cai demoing how to do doggy finger sucking

So shuang being pampered like dat.

Shielding himself from the camera. Like owner like pet.

Giving my bro an appreciative kiss for all that tummy and chest rubs. Still lazy to wake up

Now its my turn....
Dun be fooled by that angelic look of his when asleep. He is pretending.

Baby.. wakie wakie.....

Wah fast reaction. He sprang into action almost immediately.

Me: sianz.. cannot capture face hahaha..
Cai: sianz.. Jie is so heavy...

Tat dazed and ruffled look he gets after play or naps.

Still tired??

CMI.. Still fell asleep in the end

My turn to fall asleep at the door way. Cai's way of getting back.

Trying to get some nice shots of him looking down into the cam.

Typical wait at the door look when we go out or I head off for work. Look so ke lian...

Monday, October 10, 2005

这首歌也不算非常好听. 刚开始也只觉得它旋录不错.
因为看了啊信在一次访问中, 说了一句话. 顿时觉得感触廷深的.
他说一个人要获得和舍得, 才能懂得和记得.
有舍才会有得. 但我们往往总是很难去舍弃一些事物, 所以到最后还是执谜在原处.


怎么去拥有 一道彩虹
怎么去拥抱 一夏天的风
天上的星星 笑地上的人
总是不能懂 不能觉得足够

如果我爱上 你的笑容 要怎么收藏 要怎么拥有
如果你快乐 不是为我 会不会放手 其实才是拥有

当一阵风吹来 风筝飞上天空
为了你而祈祷 而祝福 而感动
终于你身影 消失在 人海尽头 才发现 笑着哭 最痛

那天你和我 那个山丘 那样的唱着 那一年的歌
那样的回忆 那么足够 足够我天天 都品尝着寂寞

  当一阵风吹来 风筝飞上天空
  为了你而祈祷 而祝福 而感动
  终于你身影 消失在 人海尽头 才发现 笑着哭 最痛

  如果我爱上 你的笑容 要怎么收藏 要怎么拥有
  如果你快乐 不是为我 会不会放手 其实才是拥有
  知足的快乐 叫我忍受心痛
  知足的快乐 叫我忍受心痛

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Today's ah gong's 100th day since he passed away.
Family gathered around at Bright Hill Cremetorium this morning to offer some prayers for him.
Come to think about it, its pretty ironical that me and my cousins became closer after his death. During the wake period, we kinda bonded more, especially cousin Dian and me. Haven't been talking much to him till grandpa passed away. Sadly to say, I only knew my cousin better during that 5 days.

We drove ourselves out one of the night to buy supper for the rest. That was when we started to share what has happened in our lives for the past few years and how much we have missed. Didn't feel the rift of that many years we didn't communicate. It felt really 温馨 to be catching up on our missing times. He took me on a short spin on the car with my favourite music blaring out. Geez.. so fun! The little boy, my 堂弟 that I used to play with has grown up liao. How time has passed..

When the monk was chanting sutras for his soul, I was trying hard to recollect memories of my granddad. The only ones I can vividly remember were those when he became alittle deaf. Guess I'm very much a visual person, hence I always recall his weak smile and hand gesture whenever we visit (not meaning that he's trying to force a smile to us but that he was already a very 脆弱的老人).

"Ah gong, 放心的走吧. 不要牵挂. 我们会过得很好." was all I could muster in my prayers to him.

Today's ceremony kinda reminded myself of a childhood incident. That time, I was barely 5 years old but I was already perpetuated by the issue of death. Perhaps it was the influence of drama series, but I got pretty freaked out by the thought of it. I remembered many sleepless nights when I would spend pondering on what death is like. I wondered if death means forever vanishing from the surface of the earth together with all our feelings and thoughts. That was horrifying to me at that age cos I didnt wanna forget anybody should I leave this wonderful world. Somehow, my young mind managed to convince myself that we will still exists as ghosts with feelings upon death and that I could still see my loved ones.

Having agonising that issue over many nights, I started to became paranoid that my closest grandma would soon leave me since she's already very much into her golden age. The fact that she mentioned to me before that death comes to all of them old folks freaked me right to the core. Not wanting to forget her, I actually requested ah ma for a picture of herself.
Ah ma was 哭笑不得 when I told her the reaon for that pict. I told her "因为我怕 ah ma 如果死了, 我再也不能见到 ah ma 了"Choi!!!

真是童言无忌. Aiyo... Forgive me ah ma!!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Backtracking from Sunday, October 02, 2005 's post

"那一夜, 我们三人坐在河畔边.各怀心事"

Didn't complete that post last time. Decide I should afterall.

Met up with Xiang and Gor that evening for dinner. Time really fly since Uni days. Xiang's actually talked about buying flat liao. Cannot imagine that crappy guy getting married. Had he told me last time, I would have laugh my head off. Happy for you lah Xiang!

That evening after dinner, the 3 of us were hanging around esplanade by the riverside. Armed with my mp3 player, I was happily engrossed and lost in my own world, ignoring those 2. Xiang and gor started their series of "Man's talk". Xiang enthusiastically kept showing us his collection of video clips (sports, music etc..) from his lappy. Eh.. but I still prefer Mayday! I just kept singing their song the whole night.

Gor looked sad that night. This place brought him bad memories I think. Dunno how to 安慰 him. So i kept making him listen to Mayday. lolz.. Well, at least to me, listening to Mayday do lift up my spirits.

Wen happened to be around that area with her colleagues, so kinda met her up for a little. The evening just passed in that manner with us crapping a little and listening to mp3s.. Sounds abit boring but was glad to have met them up.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

歌手:余宪忠 专辑:noname







she's the one 给我新的希望







she's the one 给我新的希望






she's the one 给我新的希望



Some nice songs.


如果我 不曾走过这一遍 生命中 
还有多少苦 和甜美
那风中的歌声 孤单哽咽的声音是谁
回忆中 那个少年 为何依然不停的追

想要征服的世界 始终都没有改变 
那地上 无声蒸发 我的泪
黑暗中期待光线 生命有一种绝对 
等待我 请等待我 直到约定融化成笑颜

那生命 绚烂烟火般上演 
你和我 最后都要回归地平线
那留下的足迹 浪花冲走 回忆海岸线
靠近我 再拥抱我 请不要让我 的心冷却

等待我 请等待我 靠近我 再拥抱我
不要走 请不要走 直到约定融化成笑颜
直到我看见 生命的绝对

God, mp sent me the the live version which is so nice!! Tyty


我 昨眠的梦 小汉的我 熟悉的所在
梦 犹原是梦 什么时阵 我却这大棕

为什么 心内的感觉 鼻头在酸涩
我想说 我已经 是漂泊的人

不管按怎过按怎变按怎的人 永远的永远我是彼个人
爱过的一切 我拢不甘放 不管天涯海角

不管按怎笑按怎哭按怎眠梦 永远的永远我是彼个人
只要你一句话 我就敢捶胸膛 是不是你会等我
阮爱的人 故乡的人

昨 花朵的红 一声变作 反白的头发
啊 爸妈疼痛 拢无代念 阮不是故意

只因为 厝内的门窗 关不住希望
我想说 我打拼 一定有那天

Monday, October 03, 2005

Quick click on my ads and search with my search bar leh.
Dad receive his first pay check from Google adsense.
For every USD$100 made, google will send you a check. Very pretty infact.
Not very convenient to post the pict of that check here but its really darn cool to be receiving it! =P
I dun used to appreciate hokkien songs till now. Love Mayday's to bits but here's another one by this female hokkien singer. Trying to get its mp3!

Thanks to my friends who has always been there to



Sunday, October 02, 2005

那一夜, 我们三人坐在河畔边.

Very eventful day today.
Went for vocal lessons at tinybox. Dressed up alittle bit more than usual cos was going to attend my primary school mate's wedding later this evening.
Fei hui shi walked passed "wah.. 今天比较有打扮 hor. Jia toh ah."
"我没钱了! 你要借我吗?" 难得 he's in the mood to joke. Actually he can be crappy too outside class. In class he's the 包圊天
Today only 3 of us turned up for lessons. A pretty pathetic sight. But fun though cos Ernest started to teach abit of harmonising as well as unplug singing. He's a 神 when it comes to guitar. Could almost perfectly sight read the tabs.

Was let off earlier around 430pm. Had lotsa time to spare in between, hence I headed off to bugis. Felt alittle 迷惘 cos I was undecided on what to do. Finally decided to go 观音庙 to pray, something which I haven't been doing for sometime. After that I went pass fu lu shou building where I had my first fortune telling taken. Interesting experience which I wun share here. lolz

What does a woman do when she has excess time on hand???
Spend money!!! Oh man, I just splurged $50 on a simple skirt just after 5 mins of stepping into the mall. Gee.. how dare I complain I have no money. tao tia

Was walking along orchard road when I spotted Tian fa's mom. So qiao! Went up to greet her and found out that she's also attending dinner at Hilton!!
Arrived finally at wedding reception and met up with my long long primary school friends. Some of which I haven't seen at all after leaving primary school. OMG!

I dunno to consider myself unlucky or wat cos a trail of "misfortunes" followed my arrival. Jian hao!! Its your fault. This man kept going around toasting to pple. Eh.. Ur wedding ah.. Seeing that we ain't drinking any alcohol, he immediately requested the waiter fetch us some wine. Unfortunately, the waiter tripped as he brought us our drinks and the whole cup of wine simply spilled over me. On my yellow VS tube dress!!!!!! Oh man, I simply sat there stunned and unable to make out what happened. Everyone just started to fuss around me. Suddenly, I burst out laughing and said that tio 4D also not that zhun lor.

Manager came over to apologise profusely, then the waiter himself followed by this other person in charge. Aiyo!! Dun need to fuss over me lor. I'm not the zhu jiao today and the more they apologise the more I felt embarassed. Well, the Hilton staff were really nice. They sent a tray of chocs to my table as their way of apology as well as a shawl to cover up my back. Even taken down my address so as to send their people to my house over the next few days to help me send my VS dress to the dry cleaner.

Despite the happy occasion, a friend wasn't feeling at all joyous. Seeing her cry at the table, I start to wonder how come I am so numbed and unable to do so anymore. The rest who knew started to asked qns but I kept fanning them off. Lazy to say anything. The night's so nice to be wasted talking crap anywayz.

Not to forget the other suay thing. At the end of the dinner, someone (think Simon Gu), threw the door gift and it hit me right on my forehead. What darn luck... Pain lor...
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