Thursday, November 10, 2005

After a long day at work, I was looking forward to my dinner. Happily skipped into the kitchen to get my rice when... AH!!!!!!!! 救命啊!!!!!. The next thing you see me dashing out of the kitchen like Dash in the movie Incredibles. Imagine you are pacing at a gear 4 when you have to engage E-brake then make a super U-turn and accelerate back to 4th gear in split seconds. ! U will only see me display such amazing agility when I meet my worst enemy. 小强!!!! Its the revenge of the round cockroach.!!!

This is one unique cockroach. Have you ever seen a round cockroach? Well this one that I encountered is so. I practically screeched the whole house down. "Dad!!! cockroach! Help...." Dare not venture anywhere near the kitchen despite rumbling tummy.

Sis "Ah yah there's a round 小强 the other day. Mom didnt managed to kill it"

Yucks! To think that this horrible creature has been lurking around the house for so long liao.. Kaoz.. Its sending shivers down my spine. All the wat ifs start to form.

What if cai ate it and kissed me!!!
What if it crept up to me while I was sleeping?
What if cai has been pawing with his little friend?
What if I hadn't brake in time and stepped on it?
What if it's still not dead despite dad throwing boiling water into its hole?
What if it's family decides to take revenge?

Gosh.. I hate myself for being so scardy. Cockroach nia ma... Eeekz.. Shiver...


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