Monday, November 28, 2005

All in a day's work

Tmr's my day off!!! Yeah!!! Something to be happy about. Finally starting to claim my long deserved break. Bought a new handphone too. Didn't mull over it for long before I got it. Double happiness lol.

Cos I was playing with the newly acquired gadget, I spent a whole hour trying to figure out the various functions and transferring contacts. Cai was desperately trying to seek my attention to not much avail. But he was really cute and all cos he finally decide he should just lay his little head on my lap while I played around with the phone. Then he decided that it wasn't enuff, hence he plopped himself up my legs and curled up into a ball and looked up at me. How endearing.....

Digressing alittle, I hopped up a cab from Yishun MRT to home cos I was carry unusually heavy stuff. Got pretty annoyed at the cabby initially cos he was driving and eating! He kept using his right hands to pick up food from this packet on the floor. How to drive properly like dat? But then again, my anger subside as soon as it came. Trying to look at a different perspective, this man may be skipping his proper meals just to make ends meet? Thinking about that, I suddenly felt pity instead. It turned out that this cabby is really a nice person afterall. Think he forgo the extra $1 charge for peak hours or perhaps he forgot about it. But before I left, I wished him a good evening ahead, and he replied with a "God Bless u". That made me smile, something that I really need after a long day neh.


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