Monday, November 21, 2005

Always procrastinate to render a hand in volunteering. Especially in giving my time. Used to ask around agencies if they need ad-hoc volunteers, but sadly to say, the are always in need of perm ones. I'm still not ready to commit a regular time leh..

Was halted by a rainbow club personel on my way to work. Took pretty much time cos I was fielding queries half the time, like how much time is required for a volunteer or if they ever need part time assistance in outdoor activities. I always tot its kinda cool to bring kids out on excursions or stage some parties for them! Anyway, they said they would want someone who would be regularly going down to help. In the end, I pledged to donate monthly sums to their organisation instead.

Have mulled over some of their considerations before too. It is true that commitment is important in volunteerism. Esp for kids, some tend to get overly attached to their mentors. If the need arises, the volunteer may even have to commit more time in attending to their problems on top of the regular volunteering hours. I simply cmi. Better not hai those poor ones if I cant give them the regular time.


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