Monday, November 14, 2005

December is the money-low month! Yeah!
Everyone's bday (at least 7 of you lor) seems to fall on it leh.. My family alone, there are already 3 december babies. Then there's xmas (Hm.. not that I always celebrate but somehow money will just go out), my niece's one month bday and cai's xmas gift (LOL).
Can expect to hear lotsa familiar "teh teh teh" from the atm this coming month.

Got special request for 3 saggitariuses that they wanna have a special bday this year! Win liao lor! Wanna book hotel room somemore. I'm bad with such stuff eh. But 看在多年朋友分上.. I shall try my best ha! Hm.. really toying with the idea of requesting a buggy from occ golf dept to ride into the courses there leh. Would be fun right!!! And I shall be 你们的 driver!!!! Then I shall sing Happy Bday loud loud to each of you! Right.. We can dream on!! lolz

Someone give me more ideas leh. Wei.. those bday-to-be pple, help me out la. Its your day leh. Hotel 也是你们 request 的. List your wishlist la! Save me the headache. hahahaha..
Opps! they are gonna complain that I bo xim liao.... =P


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