Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ever woke up dreading the start of a new dawn? Not that I never had that, in fact I did have moments like this on some mornings. This familiar feeling crept back again this morn. Was kinda hoping Uncle Johnny would kindly take me back to dreamland, but sleep didnt seem to come that easily. So I kinda spent 1/2 hr in a semi-conscious state. Guess the routined and monotonous lifestyle has kicked in my sianess lor. Cant help it leh.... I started to question what I have done all my 24 years. Felt that 我浪费了一大半的时间仍没有作为. 生命的意义到底是什么?

很想一路向北, 直奔希望的方向.
离开炎热的夏, 坠入寒冷的北方.
勇迈入冰雪间, 试着不去回头看 .
尽管冷风刺骨, 雪地仍旧呼唤.

Felt cai's warmth against my back. That imp... Sub-conciously, I turned over to snuggle up with him. He half-opened his soft brown eyes to give me a satisfied lick on my nose. With a bit of nostalgia, I felt my heart warming up, 是幸福吧.

"Cai ah.. they say you are a fortunate dog, I say jie jie fortunate cos you are such a darling neh. " I whispered into his ears. Seeing him sleep is such a wonderful thing to do especially when he lies in your arms. His 幸福 expression is ever so endearing..


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