Sunday, November 27, 2005

Had a mini symphony with sis this afternoon. She lugged back her 中阮 yesterday and was hard at work practising. Made me super gian to pract my guitar as well. Was practising for a while when I suddenly suggested doing a combi piece together since she's pretty good at her instrument. Was a pretty silly sight cos both of us were fumbling to play 手心的太阳. She was trying out the melody while I did the chords. Didnt go really well so in the end, we played 月亮代表我的心 cos it's one of the easiest one to play! I still need alot alot of practises lor!! I CMI man...

Hm.. must start to take leave liao.. Manager was telling how much leave I have accumulated. Wudn't be nice if I took all at one go. Think I have around 20 days at least lor... lol... Yee Ha!


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