Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hm.. cai created havoc again this morn. As early as 5am, I heard him whine and bark at us. Was too lazy to respond so I left him as it is. That was a terrible mistake!
Our bedroom light was switched on at 530am with Dad scolding cai. Me and sis were squirming under the sudden brightness when I heard the words " u notti dog", "so dirty", "shit all over" .

Diaoz.. I jumped up at tat last statement. WAT!!! He did it again!!!! I was already prepared to lash out at poor cai. Saw that little imp wagging his tail at me not knowing what is to come. Want to get angry also pretty tough.
Did his poo poo on the paper but a small part of it got stuck in his little pi gu. So the entire bedroom floor has got splats of his poo when he tried to rub it off. No wonder he was whining to get attention. Gosh... Almost wanted to lift up both hands and surrender. How to scold him man? Its not his fault that he guai guai did this poo on the paper and a part of it decide to stick to him for a while leh. Aiyo.. Headache.


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