Friday, November 18, 2005

How do you tell kids/teenagers that its okay to receive some setbacks in life?
That its not always possible to be at the top of everybody and good at everything. Those who have yet to fall before are that vulnerable.... Its kinda like a refusal to believe that there's a chance in life when you wouldn't do well in something you tot you are good at, be it exams, projects or competition.

I think there's nothing wrong in believing your own capabilites, but not to the point of overestimating or creating unneccesary pressure upon yourself. As a child in primary school, I was conditioned to compare my grades with the rest of my cohort. It kept me on my feet cos I was constantly trying to do well and excel. Not that its at all that bad for me, since primary level is fun.

As I grew, I start hating those comparisons. Not at all constructive and pointless. So what if I did better than someone or so what if the other party did better. It doesnt help me in anyway. One can be academically inclined but when pushed into the working world, start to lose his/her track. I really wonder why we all blindly pursue that degree sometimes. Self gratification that we got through uni? Fulfilling parent's wishes or dreams?

Well, coming back to kids. I do have a problem putting across to them that they should learn to accept some failures rather than blame on circumstances. Kaoz.. I failed so many times in school before lor... And those are only academic failures alone.. If academic failures also cannot take it, how to take on other failures in life?


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