Thursday, November 10, 2005

I am drinking Kopi...
Finally gave in to my craving or I supposed gave in to my lethargicness.
CMI lah.. Have been curbing back on it for quite sometime liao neh.
Now I have in hand a cup of aloe vera payaya and kopi.
Dunno if will erm.. LS later not lol.
But I supposed injecting a bit of caffeine into my deprived system shouldn't wreak it badly lah hor... (trying to think up excuses now)


The Kopi stall lady was just telling me how come I seem to cut back on it liao. Haven been buying from her but kept seeing me at the fruit juice stall. Eh.. Since when do I have to answer to her??

Was reading Reader's digest. The first one I ever bought. Its $9.50 lor!!!! Wah liew.. Ex!!! Used to have loads of them but they were mainly given or passed down to me. Always like the personal stories they include in every issue. As its name suggest, the mag is easily digestible yet informative and covers alot of aspects at the same time. I dun mind reading more of it if someone is willing to sponsor! hahahaha.

Anywayz, thanks for the good lucks for yesterday. The thing went on smooth la. But I was dissapointed. Erm.. dissapointed with the lack of quality and atmosphere. LOL (secretive)

Eyeing that cup of kopi now... Shud I shud I not? LOL


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