Friday, November 11, 2005

I know I have been very naggy at my friends on the topic of smoking. It is not my intention to keep forcing that idea onto you all to quit smoking immediately with this post. It just happened so that I was reading an article on a young doctor's journey outside the OR and it devoted a section on what happened to a patient who is an avid smoker. Get it now.. smoking caused him his fingers. Erm not exactly directly but....

The writer of this story is an orthopaedic surgeon who often sees cases of fractured bones, broken ligament, mangling arms legs.. etc.. A man turned up in the hospital one day with 4 of his fingers missing. He had accidentally lacerate them with a circular saw. Of cos the young doc had to perform the replant surgery for his detached fingers. The thing about re-attachment is that after the operation and during recovery, the patient should NEVER smoke.

Well, this man's fingers were healing pretty well until he was rushed into hospital again with his condition turning for the worse suddenly. Despite countless warnings from the doc, this man had revert back to smoking as his fingers were healing. Smoking constricts the blood vessels. During recovery, it was crucial that there is good blood circulation in the fingers. This man drove himself to self destruction the moment he picked up his cigarette. His fingers turned cold and bluish and irreparable liao. Now he has to live with just a thumb. He swore never to smoke again... But.. what's the use ah?

This story is something new to me. I never knew smoking has such effect on the human body that it can cut blood flow to such extend. No wonder high blood pressure people shouldn't smoke at all.


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