Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ill I was for the entire morn. Till afternoon, the cramp in my tummy persisted still but significantly bearable. The weather made things worst. Felt so darn sleepy and bored. Decided that I shouldn't waste my time like dat, I psychoed my sis to go out with me and perhaps the cramp will be further alleviated. That's an excuse! lol

Brought cai along in his tou tou bag to northpoint. He got groggily along the way and puked in his bag. Kinda expected that cos he was enjoying his garlic beagle treat just before heading out. This boy sure loves cleanliness. The moment he puked, he backed off all the way in his bag afraid to kena his own puke. Needless to say, we had to head for the nearest toilet to have him washed up. That poor thing... Puked quite alot lor.. No wonder he was shivering while we cleaned him up. Had to cuddle and sayang him to make him feel better. "Sorry la baby.. but jie jie already walking like a ghost (practically floating) liao leh"

We decided to head to starbucks (my favourite hangout whenever I'm alone) so that cai could have some stop point. Wat can be more 浪漫 than a sipping hot cup of cuppucino in a cold weather and chatting with your sis! We haven't been communicating alot ever since her exams started. =) My hidden agenda: Psycho her to take up and consider dentistry so that I can have free checkups in future! *Evil grinz.. Dentistry is super tough to get in though lol!

Then we headed to Popular where I was browsing their range of zi wei dou shu related books. I always visit there for new additions. I ended up buying this book "The RAPE of NANKING" by Iris Chang. According to my sis, this is a super good book. And according to my sis again, this book is super sad and a must read book. 全部你说的 lor. I end up kenna psychoed to buy it lor. I think she has this agenda to make me buy it so that she can read as well. Smart gal! lol

Headed to a pet shop nearby; the so called unethical shop based in the north. They are notoriously known in the pets community. I was skeptical till I SAW that SIGN!!!! Damn! They really trade dogs!!!! What is this.. 人云亦云 ah. The opposite shop handles handphone trade, so the dog shop owner thinks he can also copy cat issit??? Buay tahan!!! I'm fuming still!!! Anyone knows if this is illegal ah? Trading like dat is so irresponsible especially when it involves something alive. Why claim that you are simply being kind in helping to rehome when you only accept healthy and good looking dogs and asking for monetary returns.

The owner is normally very friendly to me cos I used to buy from his shop. Today he gave me the orh orh face cos he spotted me at the competitor shop once letting cai do grooming there. Anyway, me and sis were disgusted to see one of the mixed breeds for sale. It's obviously traded in by some irresponsible owner given its age. She glared at cai fiercely and started to growl and paw its claws against the glass. Confirm angry at being closed up. Poor gal leh..


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