Sunday, November 20, 2005

In life, there's not every a time whereby someone would render a helping hand or lift you up in your down times. Sometimes, u are your own warrior. Your worst enemy is infact yourself, u stand alone to fight this internal war. Its like the movie Behind the Enemy lines.

Lonesome, yes. But when you look upon yourself as having a duty in this world, I guess you will still find some things to motivate and spur yourself on. Like I mentioned about the sine curve theory. Life's very roller coaster, but then again, if life's like a plateau, there's nothing spectacular eh.

We may find that fate do play a part in whatever happens, if you ever believe in fate that is. Though fate is something that's mapped out already, it still takes the person to step out and make his/her next step. You still hold the ultimate wielding control.

I used to do silly things with the gals. Things that make you feel emotionally better that is. We do really look stupid most of the times, but heck, we are not living for others but ourselves.

Some of our silly antics:
  1. Screaming and venting our frustrations at the top of our voices over rooftop of the northspine like IDIOTS. People passing us below got a great shock. Of cos we hid ourselves in time and had a good laugh.
  2. Penning down sad thoughts or problems or wishes on a helium balloon to be released. We were hoping that sad stuff will be removed while wishes answered.
  3. Flying kites.
  4. Think we once knocked at our lecturer's door and ran away.
  5. Disturb lecturer during lesson just for the sake of entertaining ourselves.
  6. Entire group wearing a bandana during lecture. Super paiseh incident!
  7. Spilling coffee in lectures and squealing (each of us taking turns everyday). This is not something we intended but just happens all the time.
  8. Being pesky in class by always requesting for softcopies of tutorial solns.
  9. Bringing and "Hanging" our balloons in tut classes.
So far these much for now. I believe there are more silly things but given the short term memory I have.. I shall leave as they are now.

Kinda miss the old days, but then again have to remind ourselves that we dun live in the past anymore. The past is just a reflection.


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