Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Knowing bus drivers proves to be useful. I always take the bus route 812 every morn from home to the interchange. Its pretty frustrating for me whenever I leave home slightly late to find the bus zooming away. That will normally mean an additional 15mins wait.
Was starting to feel sian this morn when I rushed to the bus-stop to see the bus moving off. I was too far for driver to notice.

Was slowing down my pace when I saw it stop to pick up this other gal running. Didnt have much contemplation time, I just ran to see if I could catch up. Its those Bendy bus by the way, so its pretty hard for driver to spot u running from behind. Was about to reach the back of the bus when its start to move off again. Siao man... There I was running like a mad woman and the bus just decides to go off. Not that it's its fault la. Was about to curse my luck, when it stopped and open its doors again to wait another few seconds for me to catch up.

Wah liew. Happy siah! I hopped onto the bus and found myself looking at a familiar face. Ah! That very nice uncle! He gave me a toothy grin as I chirply said my thanks. Many drivers I know dun bother to stop for running passengers lor. This uncle is always making the extra effort to smile at all his passengers. I remembered another time when I gave up trying to run when this particular driver recognised me, waved me forward to quickly get over and waited pretty long for me. And he never forgets to smile and wave whenever I get off. From dunno when onwards, it has become a habit to greet him and wave him goodbye. He's machiam like a old grandpappy figure liao. Think many 812ers are always happy to board his bus. I think he deserve the friendliest bus driver award! =)


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