Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No wonder they say network marketing is such a powerful platform.
In fact, you dun even need to start or join a company to experience it. All you need is just a group of 38 aunties to see the prowness. All you need to do is just smile, reply politely to them and you gain instant popularity.

Introducing the characters:

Neighbourhood Networkers (all shapes and sizes included):Story starts:

Days later:

莫 名其妙. Mom told me to tone down..?? Wah piangz.. tone wat?? I dun understand. Just by being polite and answer what people asked, I get the title of being overly friendly??? Eh.. why not give Miss talkative title.

Being the typical housewife and afraid of gossips, mom told me to respond less. I didnt know that replying in mono-syllabus also can be considered friendly. Diao.. Does that mean next time I pretend not to hear what they aunties say and not respond? Like that they sure award Miss Rude title. Man, greet also cannot, dun greet also cannot. Dun give a damn lah.


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