Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sianz. 超 sianz I tell you. Whole morning has been feeling that way sia.
Didnt even wanna hear Mayday out lor lolz..
Watever, I'm not going to blame on PMS this time.
Pple are fretting over exams now while I dunno what I'm fretting about.
Have reached a cross road I think, and hopefully I'm at the trough of that famous sine curve. Cant be down more liao right. YEAH! That means the only way I can go is up!

Anyway, Heard Guan You proposed to his gf during the Mayday's Beijing concert. Wah.. not another one to do so... Seems like the rest would follow suit this way of proposal hor.. Hm.. boring...

One more thing, whoever out there, wish me good luck this Wednesday k. If things go fine, I shall blog it down hohohoho.


Chaos_Controller said...

Hi. Had a look at some of your posts, buy some come up as ascii that I cannot read. Do you post in other languages beside English?? Good luck with the exam, btw.

avril said...

Yupz. I typed in chinese as well. To view it, pls go to View>Character Encoding.

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