Thursday, November 10, 2005

Suddenly recalled this song we sang in a musical Madam Butterfly before. That was way back to the time I was in Sec school I supposed.
Written by 木子 if I'm not wrong.
Surprisingly could recall the tune and lyrics. Shall attempt to type it out. Dun think can ever find it ba. Lazy lol

雨波, 不肯走, 泪湿的衣袖太浓
残梦, 只美在朦胧, 转回头看不到谁在等我
爱的芸手, 辽阔我的愁

当爱以太浓, 最好沿着边缘走一走
量一量爱与愁, 还能平衡多久
当爱以太浓, 一颗心不敢轻易惊动
心里是波涛汹涌, 看来却无动于衷

Hm.. guess that shud be it. 木子's lyrics are always so sad. 芸手 is supposed to mean a dance action with your hands. Dunno if that word is correct. But it is pronounced as yun(2).


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