Saturday, November 05, 2005

Was on my way out this morning. Met Happy with her ah gong. Happy is a silky terrier that lives in the block beside ours. Ah cai would love her man. She's gorgeous... So guai somemore lor. Allowed me to touch her and responded when I called her name. Her ah gong must be so proud of her. lolz

A lady whom (I dun recognise) was talking to that ah peh, stared at me in a weird manner. Then she spoke to me "你是不是那个在 car..pets.. 的人啊?"
What carpets?? Got confused. 原来 she was talking about the pet mag clubpets. They had a small 微不起眼的 picture of me and the then 4 month old ah cai. They even quoted me wrong... diaoz....

Anyway, today's singing sux. No form at all. Room so cramped somemore, making the songs that I record come out horrid. Think about it also sian. lolz... Mayday's songs (someone claiming to be 卧龙 sang them) turn out with lotsa feedback and sudden loud screeches from the player. Lousy recorder la.

After class, I went to ah ma's house. Ah gong and ah ma still as squabbly as ever. I really wonder how the 2 of them can tahan being together like dat all the time. Never have nice words for each other. But ironically, I always think that its their way of communicating their love and concern. Like ah gong was scolding her over how old their armchair is getting. He saw an armchair on the papers on sale and wanted to get it for ah ma though he refused to admit.


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