Thursday, November 24, 2005

Was reading The RAPE of NANKING on the way to work. Barely 14 pages into the book, I have already stopped like > 5 times to catch my breath or to curb back my tears. There were instances where I had to close the book and my eyes to absorb what I was reading and reeling in the shock that was rampaging through my body. Totally aware of my physical reactions to the book as I sat eyes closed, I realised I was holding the weight of 1/2 a million grieviences in my hands - very sad and heavy. What was laid out infront of me was something which I never really have expected in mankind history. Total babaric and inhumane I would call it, yet these words undermined the actual experience.

Given the extend of cruelty, I cant deny that I'm totally disgusted yet amazed at our race. How can one carry out such atrocious acts given our level of intelligence and things so against our conscience?? I simply find it too hard to digest.. Perhaps the Japanese at that time simply do not have that. Suddenly felt sad for the human race like machiam I'm detached from the world again. 上天真的会怜悯吗? Life's fragility and its experience. Given the comfort and level of peace we enjoy now, we will never imagine or understand how it is like back then.

天有不策之风云, 人有祸福旦夕.
下一秒能发生的, 我们又有何奈何.
时间不会为谁停留, 只会缓缓而过
如果说生命是一种力量, 那力量来自何方?
如果说活着是为了等死, 那生命的意义又何在?
但要确认的是, 如果有一天我真的离去, 你该知道是情非得以.

有时候, 又觉得人生好象接力赛.
棒子接过手, 是那么期待和有冲劲的.
棒子脱手时, 仍旧为他人鼓励确也希望取得胜利.
创造我们的, 可否体会过, 经历过?

Woo hoo.. Crap 完了! I seriously recommend not to give this book a miss.


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