Monday, November 28, 2005

Woo hoo! Looks like I should have quite a long list of agenda during my leave as well neh. Not in order of priorities (I'm bad at that):

  1. KTVS!!
  2. Buy new handphone (only when I got the money though)
  3. Learning voiceworks (I need help!)
  4. Animating fish
  5. Integrating voiceworks and head model
  6. Training cai to do Gong xi (Should be helpful during chinese new year)
  7. Teaching cai to keep his toys
  8. Practising guitar
  9. Revamping Cherrie's wardrobe
  10. Re-organise my room
  11. Be less sua gu (lol.. 我从山中来, 带着兰花草. 种在小院中, 希望花开早. Feiz...)


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