Thursday, November 24, 2005

Writing while I wait for my colleague to pass me the needed information.
Waste of manpower sia. Would love to go home and walk cai cos it's sunny the whole day!
Was listening to 933 where Chong Qing was discussing a topic on when is the most favourable age to be married.

All the answers are pretty boring leh. So many said 24-25 for the gals. That was my ideal marriageable age last time when I was in sec school lol. Wah liew.. If I keep holding on to that ideal, then I'll probably be freaking out now lor. Turning 25 soonz leh. Old hag old hag. Tsk tsk tsk. But then again, when I was younger, I even planned on what I would do if I were to remain a spinster. I had many alternatives mapped out in my mind then. hahahaa...

  1. Be a nun
  2. Infuse myself into full time voluntary work since I have no committments
  3. Adopt kids
  4. Open an orphanage
  5. Adopt strays
  6. Have my own child (Which ever ways since I would like to experience child birth and I mean the entire natural birth itself and not the C-section)
Funny how everything seems so much easier when you were younger. All the above mentioned seem easily attainable when I was younger. Hahaha Now if you ask me what's the ideal age, I'll probably say it depends. No point getting hitched for the sake of getting hitched. If one's never gonna find someone to love, I supposed one rather stay single right.

Was also discussing this topic with my colleagues during lunch. Sid was giving his side of the coin and what he perceived to be the general woman behaviour. He said at 20-26, women generally find guys around them not up to standard (which I strongly disagree actually) and will seek to look for better ones constantly. At age 27, they start to freak and lament the need to settle down. Those unattached at this age will find a strong sense of wanting to get hitched, so anyone that comes by is likely to the ONE. Hahaha..
I haven't reach 27 yet, so I cannot totally say what I will be like then. But surely I wouldn't just go and grab anyone that comes along ba.

以前喜欢一个人的时候. 可以默默的喜欢, 暗暗的为他祝福.
往往, 他的一张笑脸就能打亮那一天, 也会因此觉得世界很美丽.
不会去想会不会有回报. 而只是很珍惜能相处的每一天.
相信每个人, 有时会想找回那份简单吧.

Another Mayday fav here:

你是巨大的海洋 我是雨下在你身上 
我失去了自己的形状 我看到远方 爱情的模样 
曾经孤单的彷徨 曾经相信曾经失望 
你穿过了重重的迷惘 那爱的慌张 终于要解放 

你是谁 教我狂恋 教我勇敢地挑战全世界
在一样的身体里面 一样有爱与被爱的感觉
我爱谁 已无所谓 没有谁能将爱情划界限
在一样的身体里面 迷样的魔力却是更强烈

星星在夜空中闪亮 星空下我不停流浪
此生我无知的奔忙 因为你眼光 都化成了光亮
这世界全部的漂亮 不过你的可爱模样 
你让我举双手投降 跨出了城墙 长出了翅膀


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