Thursday, December 01, 2005

2 hrs and 15 mins to be exact. That's how long me, sis and cai were 无家可归. Was out earlier with mom to pray at the temple. While she left after that to meet her friends, the rest of us were gleefully heading home. Must be really down on our luck cos only when we reached our doorstep did we realise that neither of us brought our keys (Yes.. Its our bad habit whenever we head out with parents and taking it for granted that the other party will bring their keys.) Poor cai was enduring his thirst all the way home to find himself locked out and confused by our non entry.

Mom's handphone went flat... Lagi best. For the next 2 hr or so, the 3 of us became vagrants. Not that we didnt try to at least go for a walk or engage in something else, but heaven didnt make things easier by sending a sudden downpour. Talk about 福无双至, 祸不单行. To think that I actually planned to catch HP or chicken little at 3pm before meeting cherrie. Now I'm just feeling so sleepy and lazy.


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