Monday, December 12, 2005

Back to work. After such a long break, I really have to re-adjust again.
This email caught my eye. I do not know how the hell this person's enquiry for NTU's admission program got wind up at my mailbox, but since it did, I decide I shall be a good samaritarian for the day and email her back to revert her to hopefully the correct person. But strangely the email addy receipient that states in her mail is not my office mail addy leh.. How the hell I get it in the first place??

Yah I know I'm a computer engineering, by far a stupid one la. I really cant make out lor. Someone be nice and explain to me can.
Since when am I ARoy or Andi ah.. Could this be some spam mail leh.. Ah. Wu liao.

Oh and one more thing.... I FORGOT to bring my jacket again!!!!


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