Sunday, December 18, 2005

Both little ones were at gram's house yesterday when I went. Little Ting was jealous that her mama tied Min's hair. So I was roped in to help her with hers.

My proud creation with 2 little tiny buns sitting at the bottom. LOL So cina..

Close up a the top

Outing again.
Destination: Northpoint to get xmas gifts (no wonder they are smiling)

Was celebrating Joseph's birthday later that day. Me, Cheryl and Sophia treated him to bday treat at swensens.

So paiseh to have pict taken. Cos he's too "pretty"! Big eyes, long lashes, deep dimples.... I want!!! And check out the tshirt he's wearing. That was his last year's birthday gift. Only wore it the 2nd time lor... Diaoz...

We were all so darn hungry lor.. Though her food came first, Cheryl was trying to resist that plate of breaded chicken infront of her.
Yeah..! Itadakimasu!

These are our expression after having our fill. 吃包精神爽!

Sit beside 师姐 very jialat. Can see from joe's expression.

Free firehouse with compliments from Swensens. Every birthday people sure gets it! They even sing you birthday song.


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