Friday, December 02, 2005

Brought cherrie to Mr Beans at Selegie for supposedly dinner. I arrived an hour earlier enough to meet Suming - Cherrie's best friend. She just flew back from China I suppose and purposely took off to celebrate with cherrie. Anyway, cos we ordered ice-cream, so by the time we went over to Mr Beans, we were all kinda full liao.

Anyway along our way, we met some tourists whom stopped us to seek help. Was quite surprised when one old man ask if they could hail a cab outside PS. I was like ??? over my head. I was about to say of cos when another lady cut in to ask if they will get fined for hailing a cab there. Soka na... so that's their worry. Diaoz.. Singapore really have such a terrible reputation abroad of being a "fine" country meh? That tourists start to be overly cautious and worry if their behaviour will render slaps of fines. Like dat quite jia lat neh. hahahaha


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